11 ways to wear a white plain t-shirt

11 ways to wear a white plain t-shirt

A white t-shirt is the must- have wardrobe essential. White color is universal and it gets along with any color, so, is there anything more classic than a white tee? Simple, clean, and easy. It literally goes with everything, and never feels undone. It really is the perfect wardrobe staple. Have you ever noticed just how often we stuff our clothes with hard- to- match items? We keep clothes that don’t fit and don’t flatter, simply because we can’t bring ourselves to let them go. In this era of cheap, fast fashion, it’s easy to accumulate a lot (and we mean a lot) of clothes. 

White T-Shirt Symbol of Elegance

White color looks simple, sober and attractive. Without putting much effort, white makes you just look perfect. Once you have a white t-shirt, the only thing left would be having the right pair of jeans or chinos to make yourself more appealing. White color always helps to reflect personality as a simple, calm human being and do not favor things like anger. It is available in various kinds like hooded style white t-shirt, printed white t-shirt, collar white t-shirt and many more. Guys have a common question coming up in mind how to look great in a T Shirt Just see the guidelines given below to wear a white plain t-shirt in style and slay in the white t-shirt.

 Plain white t-shirt with black denim jeans:

This look can be considered as classic and you can never go wrong with this look. You can carry this look when hanging out with friends, on a date, or any casual event. This style is very easy to pull off and looks extremely stylish.

  • Pair a plain white t-shirt with a pair of black jeans with white sneakers on and can flaunt your looks.
  • Consider pairing a plain white crew neck t-shirt with black denim jeans and black boots for a perfect finish

Plain white t-shirt with a bomber jacket:

Nothing is more classic than pairing a white t-shirt with a bomber jacket. Whether you go for a slim fit, regular fit or a skinny fit, the white t-shirt will always look good with a jacket or a shirt. The fit of the jacket plays a vital role in this combination. With Classic Polo's men collection everything is possible

  • You can consider pairing the white crew neck t-shirt with black bomber jacket, both having symmetrical necklines, black denim jeans. You can slay your look by adding black boots to it.
  • Pair a white round neck t-shirt with a light pink bomber jacket and a blue denim jean. You can flaunt this look by wearing boat shoes to it.

Plain white t-shirt with blazer:

To achieve this look, simply switch bomber jacket with a linen blazer. This outfit speaks loud without speaking anything. Always make sure to wear the correct fit of t-shirt and blazer to attain an attractive look.

  • Pair a white t-shirt with black linen trouser, classic black formal trousers and complete this look by adding loafers to it.
  • You can consider pairing a white t-shirt with grey blazer, grey formal trouser and finish this classic look with a pair of sunglasses and loafers.

Plain white t-shirt with classy chinos:

White being a universal color, it goes well with any color. Now the search left is which color chinos pants you would love to have with a plain white t-shirt? as we have already mentioned you can go with any color of chinos.

  • Pair a white crew neck t-shirt with navy blue classy chinos and complete this classy look with a pair of sneakers or loafers to it.
  • You can consider pairing a white round neck t-shirt with black chinos and finish this trendy yet comfortable look with a pair of sunglasses and a pair of loafers to it.

Open shirt + white tee + dark jean:

A white tee is a canvas and you can layer it the way you want. So, layering a plain white t-shirt with an unbuttoned shirt is always considered as the best option to hang out, on a date, or to any casual event.

  • Pair a light pink shirt, a white V- neck t-shirt with blue denim jeans and slay this look by wearing a pair of sneakers to it.
  • You can try pairing a plain black shirt with a white round neck t-shirt and a black denim jean and flaunt this look by adding a pair of loafers or a white sneaker to it.

We hope you would have got the idea about the ways to style a white t-shirt. It is as simple as eating a piece of cake, but, make sure to eat the cake in a correct amount to avoid cavity. In the same way make sure to maintain the white shirt correctly, to avoid the dullness of the shirt after every wash.

White T-Shirt colour of Purity
The way you handle your white shirt shows the discipline in you. Make sure you show yourself a disciplined one. try the styles mentioned above and look the best than others.

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