3 Simple Ways to Experiment With Your Style

3 Simple Ways to Experiment With Your Style

Coco Chanel, the creator of one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world, says, “Fashion changes, but style endures”.

In the fashion industry, change is the only constant. Throughout the year, global megabrands strive to put out their latest trendy collections for public display. Even if the trends do not generate mass appeal initially, the nuances of the latest spring and autumn collections eventually trickle down to the general public.

However, on the one hand, we find ourselves going through catalogues and checking online pages for the latest trends, while, on the other hand, we are reluctant to make changes to our wardrobe. After all, who wants to part with their favourite pair of jeans or their favourite polo shirts?

But if you are looking to add a zing to your wardrobe, this is the right time to experiment. Spring is in the air, and it’s time for you to show your true colours!

If you are looking for a change, here’s what you can do.

Colour Colour Which Colour!

One of the easiest steps towards change is to experiment with colours. If you have remained loyal to the greys and blacks and blues, trying creating some coloured vibrancy in your wardrobe.

Experiment with your style

Bright colours have always dominated the fashion sector as it embodies the personality of the wearer. Go for brighter hues of orange, red, blue and green. Don’t forget the yellows which reflect the vividness of the sun. This holds not just for shirts and t-shirts.

Pick up a pair of vibrant trousers and see how it lights up your day.

Pastel colours are making a comeback after revolutionising the industry during the 60’s and the 70’s. If you don’t want to join the bandwagon of radiant apparels, you always have the sober teal, mauve, peach, lavender, and beige.

The Design of Things!

Solid colours look great on everyone and are well-suited for every occasion. How about amping up those colours with a nice print or an intricate design?

Designs may not be prevalent concept in Men’s fashion. But that was the last century. In this new age, more and more designers are backing designs to give their products an extra edge. Checks, stripes and floral prints have been doing the rounds for decades. Why not embrace them and see for yourself how it enhances your personality?

Experiment with your style

Nowadays, you can even pick up trousers with attractive prints and patterns that elevate your presence.

Mix and Match Those Apparels!

There’s no better joy than donning your treasured pair of blue jeans and a comfortable loose t-shirt. But if you are in the mood to give other apparels a shot, you have come to the right place.

If you find comfort in sporting semi-formal, semi-casual or formal attire, try out alternate materials like light and breathable linen and cotton for the summers. During winters, you can choose between cashmere, wool, denim and, if the weather permits, leather.

Experiment with your style

There’s a lot to pick out from a range of trousers, chinos, denims, khakis, cargos and so much more.

If you still haven’t made up your mind, check out our latest collections of men’s wear at classicpolos.com. From a wide range of t-shirts, shirts, denims and trousers, you can transform your look in an instant.

Keep redefining your style and stay trendy!

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