3 Steps to Match the Right Colours

3 Steps to Match the Right Colours

Fashion can be tricky sometimes and a bit complex for some young lads out there, especially when it comes to colour combination. Pairing the right colours is the foundation for the overall outfit. If you break it, then your complete style will be a broken one. We Indians are so unique, why because we will learn what not to do first and then learn what exactly to do later after committing basic mistakes. Yes, we all did, right? It’s common with us, once you know what not to match with the colours, then you will be a pro fashionista with matching colours. Let’s see how to hack the colour matching with 3 simple easy steps.

Pairing is Tricky

As we said, fashion can be a tricky business, but matching the right colours is more confusing. It’s like matching the complex puzzle if you do not know the basics. Once you start to care about your fashion and outfits, it is necessary to know the basic fundamental of colours. Instead of putting pressure on your brain on pairing the right colours, instead, learn about the colour matching trick.

Neutral Colour

3 Steps to Match the Right Colours

The first trick to learn colour matching comes with neutral colours. Whatever the occasions may be, everyone will have neutral colour apparel in their outfits. It might be a Shirt, T-shirt, or innerwear, always prefer neutral colours to start with. Wondering what are neutral colours? Here is the list of neutral colours you should check out:

  • Khaki
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • White
  • Grey

One Colour Trick

3 Steps to Match the Right Colours

It is the second step where you should give the utmost care to. When you are thinking about what to pair after T-shirt or Shirt, the solid colours denim will work on your outfit. When it comes to matching denim, you should always go with two solid colours that are black and blue. This is the symbolized bottom wear for the young fashionistas out there. But what if it is chinos and trousers? Do not worry chinos, and trousers come in all the colour. We will describe on which occasion you should wear the right colours of chinos and trousers in the upcoming blog.

Accessories Trick

3 Steps to Match the Right Colours

Accessories are the treat! Even if it is tiny pieces it makes a lot of impact on your style. Yes, you should know the must-have accessories, these are the extra necessary weapons when you are thinking to be the center of attraction in the pack. But what colours to go with is the challenge here, right? Accessories works on different preferences, there are three basic colours in the accessories where you can wear it for different occasions. Black and Royal Brown are the two basic colours in the accessories, which you can wear for any functions, family get together and marriages. The white colour is the other colour where it’ll give you a sporty look while travelling and parties.

We know that while you are reading the article, you might have visualized the perfect outfit in your mind, do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below. It might be a unique idea and perfect outfit for the other readers as well, and you could bring the pioneer outfit to the men’s fashion.


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