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5 Best ideas to Style Skinny jeans

5 Best ideas to Style Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans have been in the trend long enough to become a valuable fashion asset for those who love to be updated with fashion. Although we live in the 21st century, we still have prejudices of who might wear or who might not. Skinny jeans are probably one of those items that always cause debates. Can men actually wear them and look good? Is the common question which pops up in most of the men’s mind. We would strongly say yes! While there are many types of jeans available, Skinny jeans have always been on trend for both men and ladies. So, if you’re looking to dress more fashionably, these skinny jeans can make an excellent choice. But even though they are popular and in trend- that doesn’t mean that they are easy to pull off. However, if you can’t figure out how to style them? We are here to give you tips in which you can look effortlessly beautiful. Stay tuned with us and don’t forget to try out the styles mentioned here.

Pair it with a t-shirt:

The most common and simplest way to rock to your skinny jeans is to wear them with a t-shirt. It’s a no-brainer, it takes little effort and is affordable (unless you are gunning on a designer one). The only rule with a t-shirt and skinny jeans is the color contrast and fit. Always make sure that the color of the jean and t-shirt is different (black tee and black jean is an exception)

  • Pair black skinny jeans with a white crew-neck t-shirt and white sneakers.
  • Pair a denim blue color skinny jean with a grey color V neck t-shirt and white sneakers.
    5 Best Ideas to Style Skinny Jeans

Pair it with a collared shirt:

If you are bored with the tee and jean look, you can try pairing your skinny jeans with a collared shirt. The layering combinations are endless here whether you choose a single layer like a denim shirt or you throw a flannel shirt over your t-shirt. It will look amazing as always. There are endless footwear options you can put on.

  • Pair a denim shirt over skinny jeans and brown color leather boots to compliment your look.
  • Consider pairing a graphic tee with a checked shirt and black skinny jeans with leather laced ups shoes.
    5 Best Ideas to Style Skinny Jeans

Pair it with a sweater:

Sweaters are skinny jeans’ best friends and they are also ridiculously versatile. You can ace your look with any kind of sweaters you wear. Always opt for a fitted and knitted sweater.

  • Feel free to pair black skinny jeans with a black sweater and white sneakers.
  • A white hoodie with black skinny jeans and leather boots can do wonders.

Pair it with a blazer:

Spray-on skinny jeans are banned from blazer combos as they’re considered too casual for the workplace. Standard skinny jeans however will work wonders for your casual Friday's look. Indigo is the most popular skinny jeans here as it is more versatile. You can have a killer look by using these style tips:

  • Wear indigo color jeans and a blazer with a simple white shirt and brown lace-up shoes.
  • Pair black blazer with black skinny jeans and black V-neck t-shirt and brown loafers.

Pair it with a Jacket:

 Skinny jeans play nice with just about any jacket type and the limitation is bound only by your personal style. This style works with both casual and semi-formal looks. For an extra layering effect, you can simply throw a shirt underneath, tuck it in and you’ll have a killer outfit that oozes cool.

  • Pair a white round neck t-shirt with white skinny jeans, a black jacket, and a black leather belt. You can complete your look by adding a black lace-up shoe.
  • Consider pairing a white t-shirt with blue skinny jeans and a brown jacket. Ace up your look by wearing brown loafers.
    5 Best Ideas to Style Skinny Jeans

Ripped jeans style:

The absolute swagger ripped jeans look for the days when you want to shed your ultimately satisfying swag and catchy eyes. This style has been ruling the fashion industry for a decade. 

  • Try partnering the ripped jeans with a jacket and sneakers.
  • Pair a black t-shirt and blue denim jacket with black skinny jeans. Wear white sneakers to give you a killer look.


Try these styles and look rocking in skinny jeans. Always make sure to wear the correct pair of shoes with jeans. As shoes play a vital role in completing your look they can build or break your outfit too. When it comes to a casual look, go for sneakers without giving a second thought. Improve your style daily and learn something new. Because “life doesn’t stop you teaching”.

Look stunning and try these styles out.

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