5 Common fashion problems every man experiences

5 Common fashion problems every man experiences

India is a country where taking care of your looks was considered feminine, due to which men used to care less about their looks and were making a lot of blunders in fashion. Thankfully, this is changing and men have started to take care of their looks and have realized the importance of fashion. Your fashion sense has a huge impact on your personality and confidence. Dressing well is a skill. And like any other skill, you can learn and improve. Even James Bond wasn’t born stylish, he learned that skill and displayed it so well to be called as “Dapper” for nearly six decades since he appeared on the silver screen. Just like cooking or dancing, dressing well is a skill which can actually be learnt. Although we are heading towards the direction of fashion literate India still there are a few style mistakes that we are making which lets our style down and make us look way less attractive than what we could have looked. Today we’re sharing with you some essential tips for those guys who want to dress better.

5 common fashion problems everyman experience

Not wearing the apt shoes: Almost every fashionable man knows the importance of wearing apt shoes. As shoes can make the outfit or break the outfit. It is the most crucial part of fashion. This is where most of us commit mistake. Some of the mistakes are;

  • Wearing slippers: We understand that chappals are extremely comfortable especially in this hot summer days but wearing them outside can be turn-offs to many single women out there. So, try wearing shoes when you are at home instead of when hanging out with friends in casual outfits.
  • Wearing sports shoes: Sport shoes are excellent. But they are meant to be used while playing some kind of sport. Not with the casual outfits which you wear regularly. Avoid wearing sports shoes and instead wear sneakers with jeans or casual outfits.
  • Not wearing correct pieces of clothing:

Most of the men wear incorrect pieces of clothing while going to some kind of occasions. Most men don’t understand that not all articles of clothing are meant for all occasions and not all articles of clothing are meant to be worn together. Let’s understand this with few instances:

  • Wearing casual outfits in formal events like wearing a T-shirt and jeans at a wedding is the most common fashion blunder we all commit. Casuals are great but it looks better at the right time and the right place. You can wear casuals when you hang out with friends or going on a date etc.
  • Matching formals with casuals is another common mistake we all do. Like wearing a formal shirt and matching it with jeans, just end up looking worse. So, when pairing different pieces of clothing together make sure to pair casual clothing with other casual outfits.
    5 common fashion problems everyman experience
  • Wearing the wrong colors:

This might not sound like a big mistake or even a mistake to most of you but it definitely is an important factor and can ruin your style completely. Colors can affect how people perceive you wearing the right colors can make you look younger, taller, and more stylish. Example:

  1. Wearing too many colors
  2. As a basic rule your t-shirt or shirt should not have more than 3 colors one base color and the other for the pattern if it has more than 2-3 colors then it is just going to make you look weird.
  3. if you are trying to build a wardrobe start with solid pieces of clothing like black/white shirt and t-shirts. Once you have them then move to colors like navy blue, maroon, olive and will make you look stylish.
  •  Wearing the wrong outfit:

   This is an extremely common mistake and for some reason, men don’t give priority to the fit and end up looking out of shape and unstylish. If the fit is good, literally any outfit will look good but if the fit is not good everything will look bad on you.

  • Accessories:

 If you don’t have accessories at all then you are missing out on a chance of stepping up your style game. Wearing or carrying the right accessories can up your looks instantly. In case you are new to accessories start with basics like bags and wallets. An accessory that every man should have is perfume, most of the men don’t give importance to how they smell. So, wearing perfume will give you an extra edge over someone else. So, do invest in a good quality perfume.

5 common fashion problems everyman experience


Having amazing style is better than you can not even imagine. Better style can be taken more seriously in your job. It can make you an unforgettable brand and of course! Stylish (which woman wouldn’t want a well-dressed man?) always make sure to prioritize your character over looks as your character will last longer than your style in everyone’s mind. That’s the Midas touch!


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