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5 Different types of jeans for men

5 Different types of jeans for men

Different types of jeans have always been a staple part of men’s wardrobe for a long long time. Have you ever found yourself “which jeans should I buy?”. Remember that you are not the only one. Most men out there are tired of trying on different types of jeans. Trying on jeans is quite a tedious task, especially given the variety available for different men’s body types. Once, you do find the perfect fit, jeans can become your favorite go-item in your wardrobe easy to knock around in or wear to a casual occasion. When deciding on the favorite pair for yourself there are a few things to consider; fit, style, length, and distress. If you are not sure which category of men's body types you fall into and which is your favorite and which is your favorite type of jeans, read on. We’re sure you will be able to choose the best from different types of jeans once you’re done reading till the end.


Loose Fit Jeans:

These jeans have a baggy fit which gives you breathing space. Loose jeans provide plenty of space around the thighs. So that it doesn’t stick to your thighs too tight. If you have a big waist or are big-boned, these will definitely be comfortable. You can wear this denim for a more extended period of time as it won’t make you sweat a lot around the thighs. Out of different men's body types, loose jeans are ideal for big-boned men. 


  • You can pair a fitted round-neck tee with loose-fit jeans and white sneakers to finish this look.
  • You can try pairing a flannel shirt over a crisp tee with loose-fit jeans and white or black sneakers to complete this stylish look.


Slim Fit Jeans:

Most men opt for this type of jeans because it is a perfect balance between style and comfort. Those who are new to the denim game, should start here and then go for the skinnier or looser one based on the feel. This nice fit means that slim jeans can be worn with everything from fitted tees to collared shirts and casual shirts. Men with bigger legs may find that slim jeans are tight around the thighs. In this case, you should go simply up a size. These often look good with slim-fit shirts and tees.

  • To keep things strictly casual, raw denim and white canvas high top will always be a match made in style heaven.
  • For footwear, you can choose sneakers and boots.5 Different types of jeans for men


Regular Fit Jeans:

The regular fit is one of the jeans types that fit straight from hip to thigh. It is usually worn by guys who are not too big-boned or thin. Out of different men's body types, people who are neither skinny nor thick generally prefer regular jeans.

  • You can pair a crew neck t-shirt over a checked shirt and black boots for a crispy casual look.
  • Pair a V- neck t-shirt with a blue denim jacket and white sneakers to complete this stylish look.5 Different types of jeans for men


Skinny Fit Jeans:

Skinny jeans are cut close to the leg, but with tolerance (think loose-fitting tights). The advantage of skinny-fit jeans is that they make you look taller, thanks to the tapered finish from top to the bottom. They are best suited to slimmer guys. They aren’t suitable for thicker guys, as they can be too tight. Even though many people suggest skinny jeans to wear oversized clothes to balance out their frame, jeans should be chosen according to the body and these will definitely look classy.

  • Pair a white tee and throw a black biker jacket to get a Rockstar look and complete this look by wearing black boots.
  • Consider pairing a simple black shirt over skinny jeans and white sneakers.5 Different types of jeans for men


Tapered Fit Jeans:

Tapered jeans are quite comfortable at the thigh but are tapered towards the ankle. Tapered jeans mean wider at the top but narrower at the bottom. Guys who have bigger waists and thighs and like a more comfortable fit, prefer these. This type of jeans is highly popular today.

  • Wear a shorter top with this style of legwear.
  • Stay away with formal shoes in this look and stick to sneakers.5 Different types of jeans for men


Hopefully, you are going to be more comfortable and less stressed the next time when you decide to go jeans shopping. Make sure you are confident regarding the body type so that you can decide the perfect fit for yourself. Class up your different types of jeans with some good shoes/sneakers, a good watch, and some really cool shades. Try the things which you haven’t tried so far, to get the look you haven’t got until now. “You can’t expect something different if you don’t try something new” so stay cool and rock your jeans. 

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