5 Ideas to look stylish in Track pants

5 Ideas to look stylish in Track pants


Track pants are originally made for exercise. It is lightweight and comfortable. Today, with the change in Fashion, the purpose of the track pants is also changed. Now, it is not only used for jogging or exercise, you can carry your track pants to a party, club, or even to casual business meetings. There are a lot of different types of track pants. You can mix and match with any kind of shirt, t-shirts, or blazers. Just make sure that the color of the t-shirt or shirt which you wear should complement your looks. In the past few years, the humble trackie fashion has gone from loungewear staple to a fashion statement. When the world is moving in track pants, why can’t you? Wearing a track pant without looking sloppy is an art. You are going to learn this art in this article, we hope you’ll definitely try these styles and look dapper even in track pants.

5 Ideas to look stylish in Track pants


Sweatshirt + Track pant:

With the rising trend in athleisure wear, a combination of sweatshirts and track pants can never go wrong. While a sweatshirt and jogger maybe your go-to look for lazing on the couch, it can also be a seriously stylish outfit. To keep the look more polished than your loungewear, wear apt shoes. When in doubt, wear sneakers and see the magic.

  • Wear a white sweatshirt with grey track pants and black sneakers to ace your casual yet stylish look.
  • Pair a black sweatshirt with black track pants and white sneakers. 

T-shirt + track pants:

Track pants are made to appear comfortable and relaxed. When pairing it with a t-shirt, you’ll compliment this style and create an easy weekend look. You will also be comfortable, it's the cherry on the cake. Always make sure that the t-shirt is well-fitted and the track pant is at the ankle or above the ankle. For a classic look, you can choose black and white, grey and black, blue and black, etc. Dark solids often look great for a weekend look.

  • Pair a blue t-shirt with black track pants and white sneakers for a perfect weekend look.
  • Pair a red t-shirt with grey track pants and black sneakers for an edgy and cool look.
    5 Ideas to look stylish in Track pants

Track jackets + track pants:

A track jacket and track pants often go hand in hand when you want to create a serious sports look. It gives you an athletic vibe. It can also be styled with any additional sportswear. Just make sure that the colors which you choose, should complement your look.

  • Pair a white crew-neck tee with a black track jacket, black track pants, and white sneakers.
  • Consider pairing a black t-shirt with a red track jacket, black track pants, and white sneakers.

Hoodies + Joggers:

During the winters, the hoodies paired with track pants can not only keep you warm but, also give you a stylish look. You can wear it on a casual day out or for a simple errand or on many occasions like grabbing coffee with friends. Wear a zipper hoodie for slim fit track pants and everyday track pants and for a casual, comfortable fit, choose a pullover hoodie.

  • Pair a white t-shirt, black hoodie, black track pants, and white sneakers.
  • Consider pairing a white t-shirt, grey hoodie, grey track pants, and black sneakers.
    5 Ideas to look stylish in Track pants

Denim jackets + track pants:

A denim jacket is an awesome outwear choice to accompany track pants. The casual yet stylish piece can finish off your outfit and create a cool weekend look. Denim jacket and track pants are extremely great styling options. This combo helps you achieve a structured look. Choose a denim jacket that compliments the color of the track pants.

  • Pair a white t-shirt, blue denim jacket, black track pants, and white sneakers.
  • Consider pairing a black t-shirt, blue denim, black track pant, and black sneakers.

The sartorial makeover of track pants has made its way to both smart and casual wardrobes. When it comes to fashion, we expect it to be comfortable. Wear those clothes which make you comfortable and make you feel good. It is important for us to wear comfortable clothes in summer. Wear clothes that are elegant and comfortable. “if you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes, it’s hard for you to think of something else.” When you wear comfortable clothes, you’ll feel more confident. You can ace your look by looking extremely great yet feel comfortable. So, whether you are a university student, an intern, or a working professional, these cool track pant pairing ideas will help you on most days. Try these tips and show your elegancy.

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