5 Style tips for Slim Fit Chinos.

5 Style tips for Slim Fit Chinos.


Slim-fit chinos are easy to style and look great with anything. For the days where it is too hot to wear heavy trousers or suit pants, this acts as a savior for the guys who find comfort in fashion. There are plenty of colors in chinos. The choice isn’t limited to the case of chinos. With any color you go for, the key is to go for classic tones of hues for a consistent look and timeless dimensions. Chinos are man’s most practical and versatile trousers. Chinos are not only perfect for casual outfits; it goes well with formal outfits too. It is a good choice for any kind of occasion be it a lunch meet, professional meet, or a movie date. It goes well with any kind of occasion. Professionals can dress up formal chinos with a blazer, button-up shirt, and boots for a classy style. Whereas, guys can choose to wear casual chinos with a t-shirt and sneakers for a fashionable street style. The main challenge is to find a perfect fit of chinos that fits well and then figuring out what to wear with them? We are here to help you out with the confusion. Just follow these simple styling tips and look attractive and elegant. 


Chinos and a T-shirt:

The coolest look- not to mention about easiest to achieve is the t-shirt combination. Be cautious while choosing the right color and fit of chinos to match with a t-shirt. Choose any color chino and match with a black, white, navy, or even striped t-shirt. Pair the look with white sneakers and you have an effortless summer look.

  • Pair any color of a chino with a black crew neck tee and white sneakers.
  • Consider pairing a red tee with chino and white sneakers to complete your cool look.
    5 Style tips for Slim Fit Chinos.

Chinos and a shirt:

If you want to go to an event and look a little dressed up. There would be no better option than chinos and a shirt. Patterns and styles are welcome, but make sure not to go overboard with colors. Match blues with other shades of blue to keep things on point.

  • Match a white chino with a blue denim shirt and black boots to complement your look.
  • Pair a light blue shirt with dark color chino and brown laced-up shoes. It will make you look more presentable.
    5 Style tips for Slim Fit Chinos.

Chinos and a blazer:

If you’re in a hurry and confused about what to wear? Chinos, t-shirt, and blazer is a winning combination. This type of combination always works. So, when in doubt wear this combination and get an elegant look. Stick to a basic colored t-shirt.

  • Pair a white t-shirt with cream color chino, black blazer, and brown lace-up shoe.
  • Pair a white t-shirt with a grey chino, black blazer, and white sneakers to look cool and complete your look. This is a perfect, smart approved look.
    5 Style tips for Slim Fit Chinos.

Chinos and bomber jacket:

This type of style is popular in the winter season. As the temperature drops, you’ll need a jacket. We would recommend you to wear a casual bomber jacket to complement your chinos. Wear either a light knit underneath or keep it casual with a t-shirt.

  • Pair a white t-shirt with a black jacket, black chino, and complete your look by wearing black sneakers for a complete casual look.
  • Pair a red jacket with a white tee, black chino, and white sneakers.
    5 Style tips for Slim Fit Chinos.

Chinos and a coat:

This kind of style is popular in the rainy season. If it’s wet then go for a trench coat with chinos. Underneath you’ll want some light knitwear and layers to ensure you stay warm.

  • Wear a blue shirt with black chinos, a black coat, and black lace-up shoes.
  • Pair a light blue shirt with navy blue chino, black coat, and white sneakers.

Select a chino that reflects your personal style and don’t be afraid to play around with color. Complement your style by wearing these kinds of outfits and look presentable. Try new kinds of styles every day and change your dressing style daily. Always make sure not to stick to the same style for more than a day or two. “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Try to build your old style into something new and create your own signature style. Look fashionable and think unique. Try these style tips and look effortlessly handsome and hot. 

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