5 Tips to dress confidently

5 Tips to dress confidently

Who doesn’t want to feel confident and look attractive every day, wherever they go?! No one, right? It might be to the office or a party or vacation. Confidence doesn’t come with the expensive brands you wear, but when you accept the flaws in your body. Remember that “no one is perfect” as everyone has a different body shape and dressing according to it is an art. “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”; this is so true. Whether we like it or not, people are making judgments about us based on what we wear every single day. With that said, trends change all the time, so wholly depending on them probably won’t help you become more confident. So, why not dressing to your best and look smoking hot? If you are worried about how to carry confidence daily with the outfits you wear regularly, we are here to clear your confusion with the easy tips which you can use every day and appear confident.

5 tips to dress confidently
  1. Wear what you feel most comfortable in:

When you’re wearing fantastic killer boots or shoes which don’t make you feel comfortable, there is no point in wearing them. Ask this question to yourself “when was the last time when you felt good about what you were wearing?” Maybe it was an interview you went on with polished suits or maybe it was when you went on a date with a polo T-shirt and jeans. Whatever the event, one of the reasons you remember what you wore is because that outfit must have made you feel good about yourself. Hence, wear the things that make you feel comfortable. 

    2. Know what colors look good on you:

     The next important factor is to know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. You should know the color that suits you according to your skin tone and hair color. This is because every color doesn’t look good on everyone. The best way to find out the color which suits you is, stand in front of the mirror and try wearing every color which you have in your closet. You will definitely find at least 3 to 4 colors in which the color of the dress complements your skin tone and you’ll look flawlessly beautiful. For instance, if you have a fair skin tone, dark colors will suit you the most or if you have a dark skin tone light colors will go on. If someone has ever told you that “you look really good in that color”, consider wearing that color more often! 

    3. Know your body shape:

    Knowing your body shape is another key factor in dressing with confidence. Not everybody needs to be of the same size or proportion, but dressing in ways that flatter your unique shape can help you confidently strut your stuff. Always remember to dress according to your body shape.

     4.Emphasize your best feature and de-emphasize your fewer favorites:

Now that you’ve identified which body type you are, you should now consider what your best features are. Do you have really pretty long legs or a muscular figure? Perhaps you possess a gorgeous long neck or well-defined arms? Whatever that is for you, identify it and dress accordingly. You also need to identify your least favorite areas – maybe your waist, hips, or arms. The key is knowing which clothing items to wear that highlight your best features while drawing attention away from those you don’t like. Finally, keep in mind that this is all about making you happy, so your own opinion matters more than what anyone else will tell.

     5. Find your signature style:

 “Create your own style – let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others”. Everyone has a different style, some look extremely attractive with just a jacket and jeans. It’s because they have made their signature style in those outfits and they look good in them naturally. After you get comfortable with what looks good on your body shape, consider your other strengths. By choosing a flattering shape for your body, and choosing the outfit in a color you look best in, you play according to your strengths, and get a well-coordinated outfit, creating your own signature style.

5 tips to dress confidently


Now that you’ve known the simple 5 tips to dress confidently. Apply these tips practically and you will feel the difference within yourself. Dressing confidently can feel daunting at first, but by making a few changes and taking on board some tips and advice, you can transform the clothes you wear and how confident you feel on a daily basis. Confidence is the style demur. Until and unless you are confident about what you’re wearing, you cannot appear to be confident, so “be bold and confident”.

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