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5 Ways to look hot in Slim-fit Shirt

5 Ways to look hot in Slim-fit Shirt

Slim-fit shirts make you look smart and presentable because of the way they have been designed. Slim fit shirts are the most idyllic apparel for men which boast a contemporary style and design. From board meetings to Job interviews and weddings to casual meet-ups, slim-fit shirts have been ruling the era for decades. You don’t have to take off your shirts like Salman Khan to show off your toned body and abs, just wear a slim-fit shirt as they don’t add bulk to your body. It is best to wear Slim fit shirt cause it outcasts your body shape and gives an edgy and professional look. They are great for lean bodies or v-shaped figures to give a tighter look. Every one of us has at least two to three slim-fit shirts in our wardrobe. If not, add to your wardrobe and let the compliments pour into you. So, here’s a quick guide on slim-fit shirts, what they are, and when to wear them.

5 Ways to look hot in Slim Fit Shirt

Basic slim shirt:

If you’re confused about what to wear? Basic slim fits are the best options to choose from. They go well with any occasion and make you look presentable. The most important thing is that it is comfy, easy to carry, and gives you a classy look. Pair the basic slim fit shirt with:

  1. Pair the solid black slim fit shirt with beige trousers to ace the look.
  2. Pair the white slim-fit shirt with khaki pants and loafers.
  3. Consider pairing any kind of slim-fit shirts with denim jeans for a casual look.

Casual Slim shirt:

Styling your slim-fit shirt is not easy unless you own a casual slim-fit shirt. As it is the icing on the cake if you want to layer your clothes, you can wear a t-shirt under the shirt and remember not to button up the shirt and ace your look.

  1. Pair a casual slim shirt with black denim and rock your look.
  2. Consider pairing a casual slim fit shirt with casual trousers.

Formal Slim Fit shirt:

                    Do You want to rock your office look? Nothing is better than a Formal slim-fit shirt as it will show off your torso and rock your office look. Slim fit formal shirts are in trend currently and these shirts fit so well that it gives confidence and looks amazing on a man.

  1. You can add a contrast color tie with a Formal slim-fit shirt to give you a formal feel.
  2. Consider pairing it with formal pants, a black leather belt, and black formal shoes.
  3. Pair your shirt with black trousers to ace your office look.

Denim slim-fit shirt:

                    Denim shirts look good on men and are a blend of style and comfort. Style them well and you’ll have a lot of heads turning towards you. This style slays in every man. It looks classy enough to complete your casual look just like a cherry on the cake.

  1. Pair the denim slim-fit shirt with dark jeans and sneakers.
  2. Pair this shirt with chinos and sneakers to level up your game.
  3. Pair the denim shirt with chinos shorts or camo shorts.

Striped slim fit shirt:

                Striped shirts are always a good option for casual days. So why not own a striped slim fit shirt this season. This type of shirt fits you like a dream and is ideal for both a formal and casual look. When you don’t know the dress code for any event, you can wear a striped slim-fit shirt without giving it a second thought.

  1. It is best worn with a pair of formal trousers and a leather belt.
  2. Pair the grey and white striped shirt with dark blue denim to look groovy.
  3. Consider pairing it with black denim jeans along with sneakers.

Checked slim fit shirt

                    Undoubtedly, checked shirts are loved by everyone. It is a must to have at least a casual checked shirt for a Friday night out or day out with friends. This checked slim fit shirt for men is the epitome of elegance which goes for a formal as well as a casual occasion. They can be styled for any and every occasion.

  1. You can pair it with navy blue trousers. You can also roll your sleeves to edge your look.
  2. Pair it with denim, a leather belt, and sneakers to look cool.
    5 Ways to look hot in Slim Fit Shirt


Hurry up! And try these types of the slim-fit shirt to give you a gentleman look. But, don’t forget that gentleman quality is also necessary to be called as a gentleman. These types of outfits will be an icing on the cake if you possess gentleman quality. Always make sure to purchase the correct slim-fit shirt. Be sure to try them out properly, before investing your money.

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