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5 Ways to spice up a Button-down shirt

5 Ways to spice up a Button-down shirt

A button-down shirt is one of the classic types of shirt. The button-down shirt is known for the buttons holding the collar in place. It is a versatile type of shirt. You can rarely go wrong with this classic shirt. If a button-down doesn’t factor in the most exciting pieces in your closet, maybe you just need to revisit how you wear it. It looks simple and that means you can play with the styles. It goes well with almost everything like jeans, formal trousers, chinos, etc… it is usually thicker than a formal shirt. A button-down shirt is an essential piece in your wardrobe. It is a perfect blend of both Formal and Casual. Even though the button-down shirt looks sharp, we don’t suggest you wear it on board meetings or interviews. It can be paired with chinos and brogues for grabbing dinner and drinks with friends and family. You can wear this shirt when it is not too formal and too casual. The rich texture of the shirt makes it sumptuous addition to your closet. This timeless essential will save a lot of your time spent thinking about “What to wear” to the sudden invitation by your friends or family. Here are some ways in which you can rock this button-down shirt with less effort.


Button-down shirt paired with a t-shirt:

A button-down shirt can be worn over a t-shirt. You might have a favorite t-shirt that you’ve worn a lot of times and has seen better days, so much that it has tiny holes in it. Wear a button-down shirt over it to make a style statement, yet holding to your emotional attachment with your t-shirt. Try to mix and match color combinations to level up your style game. Layering with a t-shirt also improves your style game and will make you look muscular and presentable.

  • Pair a white button-down shirt with a navy blue crew neck t-shirt, jeans, boots to get an edgy and cool look.
  • Consider pairing a black button-down shirt with a white round-neck t-shirt, black jeans, and casual shoes to complete this stylish look.
5 Ways to spice up a Button-down shirt

Button-down shirt with a blazer:

You can wear this button-down shirt under a well-fitted blazer. You can carry this look to any wedding or party and spread your charm. You can wear it with blazers and tuck them into jeans. Use matching accessories like a leather belt and branded shoes. You can always nail this outfit if the fit is right. you can even carry this look to the office on Friday or when there is no dress code mentioned.

  • Throw off a black shiny blazer over a white button-down shirt, chinos. Complete this smart-casual look by adding oxford shoes to it.
  • Try partnering a grey button-down shirt with a navy blazer and navy chinos. Complete this ultra-stylish look by adding derby shoes to it.


Button-down shirt with Jeans:

A button-down shirt with jeans is like butter on the bread, smooth. You can never go wrong with this outfit. It looks super cool than anything else. You can always slay in this outfit if the fit is well. You can even try white jeans. Just be sure of the color combinations you choose to avoid fashion blunders. Go wild with the footwear. 

  • Throw off a red button-down shirt over blue denim jeans and Chelsea boots and get ready for the compliments to be poured in.
  • Consider partnering a black button-down shirt with white jeans, bracelets, sneakers and you’re all set to kill it.

5 Ways to spice up a Button-down shirt

Button-down shirt with chinos:

A button-down shirt might have gotten its start as workwear, but that doesn’t mean you cannot dress it up on occasion. You can nail this outfit with carefully selected accessories. A watch on one wrist, the bracelet on the other, a classic pair of aviators. These are enough to glam up the outfit. A button-down shirt is a classic piece you can dress it up with anything you like.

  • Pair a button-down shirt with cream chinos, casual shoes, and wear a leather belt if you’re tucking in.
  • Consider pairing a button-down shirt with black chinos, white sneakers, tuck it in, or leave it untucked it’s completely your call. Kill this look whenever you want to without much effort.

5 Ways to spice up a Button-down shirt



A button-down is a category of men’s dress shirt that has collars secured to the front panel of the shirt by buttons. Though it was introduced as an informal shirt, but it is considered more formal than a t-shirt. More recently, the button-down shirt can be styled as formal, sporty, or casual shirts and paired with accessories to suit the occasion. If there’s one shirt that can easily level up the man-style game, it’s the button-down. When it comes to sharp style, dressing up is usually considered less comfortable, but thanks to a button-down shirt. You can look dressed up and be comfortable as well. Dress up this wonderful shirt with tailored trousers. if you don’t have this kind of shirt, then what are you waiting for? Never wait for the right moment to pop, just grab the moment and make it yours. You can get this spectacular button-down shirt at classicpolos.com.

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