5 Ways to wear an Oversized t-shirt

5 Ways to wear an Oversized t-shirt

 Oversize t-shirts may be 2x time larger than your size but when it comes to fashion and comfort and especially in this work from home era these t-shirts are super comfy and can be worn with delight. These t-shirts are much more adaptable, comfortable, and versatile. These kinds of t-shirts are those we may feel that we cannot hug to our body like regular T-shirts or well-ironed t-shirt, it sure gives off its edgy look. Men’s fashion keeps on transforming and evolving over time from past few decades where we could have witnessed the fashion of wearing loose to slim shirts, jeans took on a skinner appearance, even when worn below the hips it reflects the era of 80’s and 90’s with most impeccable taste. Let’s see the 5 different ways which will make you look ultra-cool and in style with the oversized T-shirt.

T-Shirt on another:

Keep it simple but trendy is the mantra of the fashion street. A plain oversized T-shirt can be paired with another plain t-shirt underneath. It gives an entirely different and awesome look to your personality.

  • From the bottom of an oversized t-shirt, you can wear ripped jeans, which is a treat to the eyes of the people who witness your look.
  • The light plain blue jeans and an oversized t-shirt with a hat at the top is a fantabulous look and gives different look to our body language. 


Layer it with the checked T-shirts:


When the weather is hot, pair your oversized T-shirt with a checked t-shirt! This simple combination upgraded t-shirt looks more semi-formal. You can take this look at school parties, weekend dates, and club parties. This super cool t-shirt pair look will definitely collect lots of appreciation from your friends and family

  • Pair it with skinny jeans, high-top sneakers, and sunglasses for a cool look. 
  • Consider pairing a red checked shirt, white t-shirt, and dark denim. Complete this look by adding white sneakers to it.
    5 Ways to wear an Oversized t-shirt


Layer with a denim jacket:

You can go with a layer of denim jackets with an oversized t-shirt on it. The baggy T-shirt structure gives a buzz to your character. It is one of the best ways to wear to parties and marriage functions. These denim jackets with oversized t-shirts give the perfect combination to your super cool look.

  • Pairing it with blue skinny jeans and oversized t-shirt and denim jackets gives an awesome look.
  • You can also pair them with black jeans which can fit in any occasion.


Pull out your sweater vest:

Especially 90’s kids would be aware of these kinds of trends were people on the streetwear sweater, vest on any oversized t-shirt. This fashion is not yet old and you will be glad to know that it is still trending and gives an authentic look to your personality.

  • You can wear it with any kind of jeans especially with blue/black jeans 
  • You can wear this with the stitched pants.




Every stuff gets its right time and when it comes to wearing shorts, summer and spring is the right time to choose this wear. With an oversized t-shirt, we can go with shorts which look cool and gives a decent look to your character. The main buzz is that wearing the same color shorts as the color of the t-shirts. It gives a clean and smart look to the person’s character.  

  • We can go with a ballcap to style on it and finish it with sandals or sneakers
  • Consider pairing denim shorts with a red oversized t-shirt and white sneakers to ace your look.
    5 Ways to wear an Oversized t-shirt




Have you ever thought that this oversized t-shirt which people usually avoid getting these t-shirts could give a fashionable look to your wardrobe? In upcoming times many global brands will come together to make our fashion cleaner, simpler, and more fashionable. The bright colors of the t-shirt, shorts must be paired wisely. It's time for you to collect few oversized t-shirts for your wardrobe which will definitely be a good choice and you could be the center of the talk. Walk with fashion where people will not stop appreciating you. Always make sure that whatever the outfits you might be wearing, to appear confident. More than your outfit, your confidence will be noticed by others first. Try out these styles and be confident.

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