7 Tips to look great in a dress shirt

7 Tips to look great in a dress shirt

Dress shirts are a global staple for professionalism and elegance, going beyond just simple attraction. Today is all about levering the dress shirt to your advantage and there are a shocking number of styling options for men’s dress shirts. Even though that means it should enable every man to find a great fit and style that works for their needs, it can be daunting to wade through all the details. Research says that 71.6% of women find men attractive in a dress shirt. A man looks gentleman when he wears a dress shirt. We would recommend you to have at least 5 dress shirts in your wardrobe. It will not only make you look attractive but also give you a professional look. This is perfect to crack any interview. No matter what option you choose, the fit and style options you choose will have a huge impact on the overall look. Gentlemen, here are ten ways to look great in a dress shirt.


Find the right shirt color for your skin tone:

What does this mean? For a lot of men, it’s about how your hair looks against your skin tone. If you are pale with dark hair, then you have a high contrast look, which means you’d benefit from richer and fuller colors. 

  • Guys with dark skin and dark hair have an interesting predicament. they can try wearing light colors, as this will suit them best.
  • Men with medium contrast look better in medium colors such as olive greens and salmon reds.



Light skin, light hair Baby blue Blue gray Pink Gray White

Tan skin, dark hair

 Sky blue


Navy stroke


Olive green 


Dark grey



  Dark skin, dark hair

Turquoise Blue Purple

Light grey



  Light skin, dark hair

Teal Navy Maroon Black White


7 Tips to look great in a dress shirt

Start with the most versatile shirt colors:

Your first two dress shirts should be white and light blue. These colors work with just anything you decide to put on. Use these tenets as a foundation to build upon. Perhaps after this, you’ll want to opt for a darker navy blue, still versatile, and so on.


Remember: More texture = Less formal

The texture in a fabric is intimately tied with its formality. To sum up, the more texture on the fabric then the more casual it is. Going back to the core wardrobe we recommend smooth broadcloth cotton for your few shirts, regardless of their color. This will be deemed appropriate for virtuality on all occasions – formal or not. 


Know your dress shirt patterns:

Textures and patterns fit into a similar plane when it comes to formal and casual wear – the more visible it is, the more casual the shirt is. Pick the right texture and dress shirt patterns, which suit every occasion.7 Tips to look great in a dress shirt


Pick the right shirt collar for your style:

Attractive dress shirts come with various collars, and like anything you need to get the ones that serve you best. Do you often wear a tie? If yes, then try prioritizing a forward point collar (less than 35 degrees) to better complement the look.

  • Be sure to avoid floppy colors - they should always be stiff. Higher quality shirts usually have plastic or brass-collar tabs inside to help them keep that way.
  • The most casual collars are buttoned probably buttoned collars, the buttons holding them firmly in their place.7 Tips to look great in a dress shirt


Keep your shirt tucked in:

It is very easy to differentiate between a casual shirt and an attractive dress shirt through their lengths. Dress shirts are significantly longer and designed to be tucked in. You can get a gentleman's look only when you tuck your shirts. This will give a classy look. Make sure that it is properly tucked in.7 Tips to look great in a dress shirt


Make your shirt fit properly:

The most critical factor in dress shirts is it’s fit. Without it, nothing in this article will help you. Ideally, a dress shirt should hug you enough to accentuate your most attractive features while also giving you enough room to move comfortably without losing oxygen. It sounds tough to achieve, but it is doable. The most attractive dress shirt comes in three sizes to fit the most men possible. Slim fit, regular fit, and baggy fit. If you work out a lot consider wearing a regular fit.7 Tips to look great in a dress shirt



Gentlemen, hunting down dress shirts can be a challenging task. By following these guidelines- it becomes much a simpler task. Once you find those, which hit all the marks, the simple garment will take your look to another level. As you can see, the look and feel of a shirt are not just defined by your choice of fabric and the details alone but also heavily by the style choices you make. Properly maintain your dress shirt. While some attractive dress shirts are made of fabric that won’t wrinkle, it’s not the case for most. Once, a week make a habit of ironing your shirts four times a week. Just follow the simple guidelines and wait for the compliments to pour in.

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