Affordable Classy Clothing for Indian Men and Young Guns

Affordable Classy Clothing for Indian Men and Young Guns

Fashion changes all the time, constantly reinventing itself with trends and seasons. What doesn’t change is your style statement. What we wear is not just a combination of clothes put on together, it represents your personality and embodies the individual’s confidence.

That’s why it is important to have a styling sense which truly encompasses your personality. In this blog, we talk about how one can easily adopt chic style without diving deep into the pockets. Read on to know about some of the best apparels for Indian Men.

The Bold and Beautiful

When you begin the journey of self-discovery and step out into the world, it’s an exciting time. For many young individuals, it’s the first wave of freedom and independence. Whether it’s college or a new job, the perfect look is the need of the hour.

Let’s begin with shirts and t-shirts.

Affordable Classy Clothing for Indian Men and Young Guns

One thing to remember is that a great look doesn’t come from expensive clothes. One has numerous economical options to choose from and still look stylish.

A great fitting t-shirt paired along with simple trousers can often do the job. There are various alternatives like crew-neck t-shirt, v-neck, polo t-shirts that give you the desired look. The best part about this is there are so many colours, prints and designs to experiment with.

Choose apparel that overall reflects your personality. If you are light build, go for bright and light colours. Do not shy away from trying out different colours. By doing this, you will zero down to the shades and hues that compliment your skin tone and body type.

Formal shirts and kurtas have a lot to add to your personality. Shirts with beautiful patterns and design can blur the line between formal and informal which helps you blend into each occasion. Another apparel that’s making a comeback in the younger segment is the traditional kurta. Short kurtas can go with almost all kinds of trousers. These give you a balanced yet chic look. Several patterns are available in kurtas which convey a mix of modern and the traditional.

Styling with Conventions

Trousers have remained unchanged for many decades. The saying goes that ‘if something is perfect, there’s no need to fix it’. This is more appropriate in the case of trousers than any other apparel.

Affordable Classy Clothing for Indian Men and Young Guns

To achieve a smart look along with your favourite shirts, t-shirts or kurta, try the traditional blue jeans. Although you have several modifications to it like faded, ripped, skin-tight and others, the best look is conveyed by a smart fitting pair of blue jeans.

If you want to rise above denim, a cool pair of trousers can be a great addition to your style. In hot climates, cotton trousers serve both fashion and function. It’s a unique blend of style and comfort, a great combination to go for. Then you have cargoes and chinos to choose from.

Depending on the occasion, one can simply switch between different types of trousers to look their best. Paired with the right kind of shirt, one can open the doors of the ‘chic look’ without the need for deep pockets.

Do you have some affordable styling tips for Indian men? Share your insights in the comment section below.


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