All you need to know to look hot in Gym Vest

All you need to know to look hot in Gym Vest

Gym vests are the trademark athleisure garments. Before hitting the gym to work out, it’s necessary to look hot and stylish. The gym has become one of the coolest hubs to meet a lot of people. If you’re a single guy looking to meet a lady, the gym is the perfect place. Even though you’re attached, a stylish man wants to be well dressed wherever he goes. Research says 71.76% of women check out men in the gym, so it’s important to look stylish and hot to impress them. Due to this reason, sportswear is not just for performance anymore, it has been given a new name ‘Athleisure’. Due to the sleeveless nature of the gym vest, it allows for better movement and transpiration. When you’re sweating a lot in the gym, this gym vest helps you to breathe properly and looks good too. This is the reason behind the gym vest being the trendiest and most bought athleisure in the market. In this article, you’ll figure out the things that should be kept in mind while hitting the gym with full josh! Whether you’re in the bulking phase or have just started to go to the gym, these are the things you should know.

Choose a breathable Gym Vest:

We would recommend you to always opt for the gym vest which is super comfortable and breathable. You have to also look for the gym vest that is your body type. So, you need to select those gym vests which hide your shape that is less flattering. Try out the gym vest and look for those in which you are comfortable. Comfortability is important when you are working out. It is not so difficult to find a good pair. You should have a hawk-eye to get the best one.

All you need to know to look hot in Gym Vest

Go for the vertical stripes:

You have to be careful with horizontal stripes and color blocks, as that will make you look a little plump and draws attention towards your torso. Depending on where they are positioned, stripes and color blocks can be favorable and even be the exact opposite. Go for the vertical stripes or patterns that are not positioned on your belly and will not make your belly look bigger. For a more complimentary visual, choose garments that highlight your chest and gives the complimentary look. It is easy to find a vertical striped or pattern gym vest.

Don’t wear the gym vest too tight:

Tight gym vests never look good on anyone. Wearing a tight gym vest will make you uncomfortable, thereby making it difficult for you to work out properly. At the same time, you should not pick that’s too loose as it might get tangled in gym equipment. Pick for something that hugs your body but doesn’t squeeze it. Research says wearing clothes that are too tight hinders proper blood circulation. So, wear a gym vest of a perfect fit.

All you need to know to look hot in Gym Vest

Layer it with a sweatshirt while checking out:

Track jackets are ‘classic’. Hoodies are a peak of‘ sexy utilitarianism’. All guys look hot in a sweatshirt. While coming to the gym you can wear a sweatshirt and be the heads turner. A gym is a place where you cannot work out while wearing a hoodie or a sweatshirt, but you can consider it while checking out and impress the ladies who are still working out and be an eye-catcher. It is still not illegal to look so hot in the gym after all!

All you need to know to look hot in Gym Vest

Be careful with grooming habits when trying a gym vest:

Since vests show off more skin than any other garments, you have to make sure you’ve good grooming habits to impress the ladies out there! Body hair can be a sensitive topic- pun intended. Most of the women are not a fan of body hairs. You should only get rid of the excess hair. Keep in mind that the body parts that you’re showing are ready for the audience to see or not. Have you seen any actor or model showing off their chest hair and looking hot? No right? If you’re not sure you can always ask your trustworthy friend about it.

Wear deodorant:

Wear deodorant. Always! If you’re wearing a vest or not, always wear deodorant. Go for the mild deodorants, so that they may not affect your gym mates.

It is good to know that you have read this guide till the end before hitting the gym. We hope you’ve read the tips carefully to look amazing in a gym vest. At the end of the day, when it comes to clothes, there are no rules. You’ll find a lot of blogs on how to wear clothes according to your body shape, skin color, zodiac sign, and whatnot- they are just mere opinions. Fashion is all about expressing yourself in which you are comfortable. the gym vest is the one in which you feel comfortable. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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