Alternatives to formal trousers

Alternatives to formal trousers

The word formal nowadays has become monotonous. Formal clothing is mostly associated with office or workplace, weddings, and for any special occasions. In this modern-day, most offices have moved from formals to something new. You are in the right place if you are thinking of something to replace your formal trousers for every occasion, be it for office or any event.

The fundamental thing you need to know is what to wear and how to style them. Here are some of the most common trouser styles that you should consider for your wardrobe other than formal trousers.


Captivating Chinos

Alternatives to formal trousers

Chinos are the type of trousers made from chino fabric and the popular one among all other trousers or pants. They are stylish and can easily complement whatever you choose. They provide you with the required office look without looking too casual. If you are hanging out with friends or going to a party, the right pair of chinos with a good choice of colour will do the trick.


Go for Cargos

Cargo pants are sturdy cotton pants with multiple large pockets. The general notion here is that cargo pants are bulky. However, nowadays, they are available in slim fits with functional pockets. Cargos with neutral shades such as camel, beige, sand, and khaki will give you a classic feel, or go for something dark that matches shirts and t-shirts in your wardrobe.


Khaki Trousers

Alternatives to formal trousers

Often people confuse Cargo trousers with Khaki trousers. Cargos, as we discussed, comes in different colours and are loose-fitted. Khakis, on the other hand, appear only in khaki and is more formal than cargo pants. Khaki trousers have started to gain acceptance as more than workwear. Now they are seen as sturdy casuals with a functional purpose, well-suited for daily life. Khakis are lightweight and comfortable. You can wear them in your house, to go for a walk, office or a date for that matter. Khakis are versatile and all-season wear, especially in spring and summer.


Tracksuits & Joggers

Alternatives to formal trousers

Tracksuits are the pant type for men that are considered more athletic. Tracksuits are unique as they have a stripe of colour down the side of the leg. They often have a synthetic material as the fabric and come with a lot of colour variations.

Then there are Joggers, which are the amped-up version of sweatpants with elastic or drawstring waist with normal pockets or one with zips to be more secured with our belongings. The difference between sweatpants and joggers is that joggers offer a more fit finish closer to the legs and looks more streamlined.


There is always denim

Alternatives to formal trousers

You cannot escape from evergreen jeans wherever and whatever you choose. When we are tired of options, there will always be Jeans. This cannot go wrong as you can always find the right t-shirt or shirt to match with the jeans option you have. The indigo jeans without wear and tear (normal one) are a must-have in the wardrobe of every man.


Gone are the days of basic fashion. You can get every bit of options and designs in whatever trousers you choose. Formal trousers are not long gone. They serve their purpose and we hope the options you see here makes you spoilt for choices.


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