Best color combinations for an Interview

Best color combinations for an Interview

An interview is one of those days where you need to showcase yourself in the best way. Your inner self and outer self need to coordinate in the best way for success to come through. To prepare the inner self, confidence and knowledge are the factors. But for the outer self, you need to choose the right colors. And this right combination comes through professionalism and the organizational sense.


Prefer solids over patterns
The first point to remember is about increasing the concentration of the interviewer over you. For this, you need to wear an attire that doesn’t distract the interviewer but rather gains his/her attention on you. You have to simply make sure that you are remembered for being yourself and not your attire. For this, solid colors are the easy pick. Solid navy, dark gray, brown, and black are professional choices. Small patterns and thin pinstripes are also okay until they look small enough like solids.

Using minimal clothing in a bright color like a tie, along with these neutral colors is also a great customization. This works as an advantage for managerial position-based interviews.


The organizational environment

Small research about the organization that you are going for an interview can be very much helpful since you get to know the company’s tone and choose the apt attire easily. If it’s a startup or non-profit organization, you can prefer a casual dressing style. Choosing colors is really good. If it’s a conventional organization, tend to dress more conservatively. Sticking to neutral solid colors is a good choice. For these kinds of roles, dark suits are also a good option.

For a job in the fashion, sales, or marketing field, think of dressing in a creative way and style as it adds score to your personality. 


Choosing colors

Each color has its own meaning associated with it and wearing it for the interview works a lot on the interviewer’s perspective on you. Let’s see how some colors work now:

Black represents leadership and originality. Wearing it shows that you hold the power and ownership over the responsibilities given to you. It is best suited for an experienced or managerial kind of job role.

Blue is the color of confidence and trust. It shows the interviewer that you are a good team player. As the color is eye-catchy, this color is a very good pick for an interview.

Gray is a color that shows your independent nature. It shows your interviewer that you are an individual who is capable of thinking on your own. So choose it if you are one!

White is the color of discipline and is an easy pick if you don’t want to land in any confusion. It shows the interviewer that you are an organized individual.

Brown shows that you are a reliable and dependable person. A white brown combo also shows that you are a solid person. Make sure the tone is fashionable as brown is often thought to be old-fashioned.

Red shows that you are powerful, yet a passionate person. It is also a color that symbolizes persuasion, energy, excitement, and courage. Just like black, this color too is a good choice if you are going ahead for a leadership position.

Multi colors are not much of a recommendation and we’d suggest you not to go for them at any thought.

As these colors definitely add to our scores in an interview, be sure to choose the best one for you. And remember the key point, the clothing is just an addon, ‘You’ are always the prime point of attention.

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