Best Indian Festive wear for men

Best Indian Festive wear for men


We all know every year fashion upgrade and come up with pioneer and fresh outfits, to stay and slay in Men fashion. Our Indian designers in the fashion industry are very creative and unique, where creativity drives them to continue experimenting with ethnic and festive outfits. The Indian fashion designers are nibbling through different styles and trends to produce a unique style statement to the young Indian Boys.

The richness and royalties always belong to the Indian festive and ethnic wear. Also, it is not flexible to wear on every occasion. Festive wears are only a limited level of fashion because the festivals and functions don't happen often. Right? So, when the time comes, you should always be aware of the best Indian ethnic and festive wear. Today's blog will give you an idea about the Indian festive and ethnic wear.


When it comes to ethnicity, Sherwani is the leader in Men's fashion with classy and elegant looks. Sherwani is mainly chosen for grand festivals and occasions, as we are aware of Indian creative designers, the Sherwani always comes in different and unique styles. 

Best Indian Festive wear for men

The Sherwani is the most common and widely purchased apparel, but what you must try to do is to experiment with Sherwani.

The current styles with Sherwani are dupatta and dhoti. Sherwani is ultimately evergreen and has a refreshing look. Along with it, the dupatta also took a place in the hearts of men in big events. One can witness the fresh and unique look of Sherwani with dupatta in the royal wedding of our beloved Indian cricket team captain – Virat Kohli.

Dhoti used to be worn by old saints and priests earlier, and Sherwani with Dhoti has now become the new Bollywood Hungama combo for big celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. The new-look of sherwani with dhoti is a blend of Indian and western fusion which always brings you elegance and classiness in your style. Nowadays, this style is also carried out by groomsmen.


Best Indian Festive wear for men

The most essential apparel for any men would be fashionable suits, and several unique suits can be tried during festive and big days in the family functions. In the big occasions like the wedding not only groom, but cousins and friends also get excited and want to be very attractive for the big day and suits can be the perfect solution to look stylish and Sharp.

The most demanding apparel in men casual outfit is kurta pyjama suit which also suits for different occasions. It has a loose comfort fit; kurta can be long or short in length and can be paired with jeans or churidar pants according to your fashion choice.

Best Indian Festive wear for men

We all know Jodhpuri suits that are very royal and classy in wedding receptions or any other formal meetings. 

It is originally invented in Jodhpur and got the name Jodhpuri suits. Bollywood celebrities are seen with Jodhpuri suits several times on the red carpet which gives the celebrities a very sharp and royal look. Even Amitabh Bachchan was seen with Jodhpuri suits in “Kaun Banega Crorepati.”

The fashion is from every corner, and we would like to see the unique fashion from your side during festivals and big days. Mention your style outing, and favourite Indian Festive wears in the comment box below.


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