Brainstorming Activities to Keep Your Mind Active

Brainstorming Activities to Keep Your Mind Active

What is the best way to be creative? Anyone can work hard, but what makes a person a creative thinker? It’s the activities they do in trying to connect the loop in a problem and give a proper solution. While doing this, the pressure is not going to be easy. So, one must have the brainstorming activities to ease the pressure while working.

As humans, we all have a tendency towards working continuously, but according to studies, we can only concentrate for 90 minutes straight. So, after that 90 minutes of continuous work, we all need at least 5 mins break. Having a non-productive break is useless, and we have to do some activities which will boost our minds to think creatively. Here, we will be sharing some hobbies ideas that will help to boost up your mind to keep you productive.

Play Tetris

This is one of the most famous video games back in the 1990s, and it’s still in the market, available in all smartphones. This cool game doesn’t take much time, and this will give work to your brain and the ability to tackle problems. Playing Tetris for 5 minutes for brainstorming will give you relief and an enormous amount of energy for the next session of work.

Sharing is Caring

Brainstorming Activities to Keep Your Mind Active

Yes, Sharing is caring, and we all should practice when you are at the workplace. It shouldn’t be always about the work; it can be about your ideas for the upcoming project or maybe your challenges in life. We are sure that someone will be there in your workplace to support you. Even regarding the ideas, many people are shy to share their ideas within the team and afraid of what your teammates might think. We are living in a competitive world, and unless you speak, your ideas won’t come into action. Whatever the ideas you have should be shared and should be tried with utmost care and planning.

Listen to Music

Brainstorming Activities to Keep Your Mind Active

When we are depressed, pressurized, disturbed, the music has always been there with us. It is the best companion to have on your side when you want to have a break. The music disconnects you from the outside world and lets you connect inside. So, one can have peace of mind when you listen to your favourite music or track. Always have a playlist on your smartphone and keep your earphones ready when you want to take a break.

Carry Humour with You

Humour is a gift, and not everyone can sense it, this might be a tricky one. Because not everyone takes the humour in the same wavelength and you should be careful regarding this. When we say carry humour, it should be filtered in your mind before taking it out. We all have it, but we miss it while saying it, and the humour shouldn’t insult anyone. It should be healthy, and this will help your mind to think creatively, and it is a good exercise for the brain.

We all have creative ideas inside us and afraid to share it because of what others might think. Don’t sit and procrastinate about your ideas, just spell it out and then you will know the value of your ideas. Never be afraid of your failures, and keep brainstorming activities in your life to be more active and creative and you are welcome to share your unique activities to keep your mind healthy and active.


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