Chinos - The Best Trousers For Men

Chinos - The Best Trousers For Men



Chinos - A Quick history:

Chinos  the best trousers for men were developed during the mid 19th century for British and French military uniforms. Slowly it migrated to civilian wear and it gained popularity among the Americans. This type of cloth is originally from China and it was known as Pantalones chinos in Spanish and later on simplified as 'Chinos'. It is made as simple, durable and comfortable for soldiers and it was mainly in earth tone shades. Khaki is the traditional and most popular colour in chinos. These timeless trousers have survived as a classic style until today with more versatility and slimmer fit.


Why chinos?

Chinos is a versatile type of trousers that offers an elegant and comfortable alternative to other trousers. Chinos is always a alternative to other trousers. They can be worn in any kind of season or occasion that provides a great look. It keeps you cool and comfortable during the summer. Chinos is a twill fabric that is made of 100% cotton, this fabric is widely used in making trousers. Twill fabric is a type of textile weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. It is considered to be one of the three fundamental textile weaves and it is available in cotton synthetic blends also. Chinos are lightweight and can be easily styled men's wear can be either formal or casual. It is considered to be a smarter choice than jeans when it is worn and styled efficiently. It is a simple, comfortable and durable pants that are available in a wide range of colours. It can be easily identified and are more versatile so it can be dressed up and down. They are non- pleated and comes is two fits - slim and straight fit. As you wear them the fabric begins to stretch and conforms to their body shape which provides a smart look. It is a smart-casual choice that can be styled in many ways, colour and fit are the keys to pulling off your chinos look. Nowadays it's been worn by millions of men every day it has become essential wear for men. They are a smart choice to set-up a men's wardrobe. Try to pair your chinos that reflect your own personal styles and create your fashion statement. It can be paired with shirts, t-shirts and even with blazers.


Twill cotton that is used in chinos is a natural wrinkle-resistant and the combination of cotton and elastane makes it more stretchy. It has a softer weave when compared to other trousers because they don't have thick and rough textures and are gentle to the skin. Durability is high in this fabric because twill cotton has a superior level of strength and it doesn't have any fade lines. Chinos gained popularity mainly because of the comforts it has and their very soft and gentle. Get amazing look with a casual navy blue shirt and cream color chinos.


Thinking where to get chinos?

Classic Polo is one of India’s finest fashion and apparel brand that provides a wide range of Trouser collections with amazing fit available in vibrant choice of colours. It has a contrasting element in the waistband to give a sporty look and high-quality cotton and elastane are being used to provide comfort to the wearer for an all-day use. The fabric is treated with a high-quality softener to give you a softer touch. So why wait? Grab your pair of Chino’s today from your nearest Classic Polo Outlet or at and style up to your imagination!


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