Classic Styling Tips for Single Men

Classic Styling Tips for Single Men

One of the most famous sayings is “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”. That’s true for a lot of men in different situations of life. What this means is if you want something, make sure you are dressed for the occasion.

This is because ‘Style’ is something much more than what you wear. Your attire conveys conviction, intention and becomes an inseparable part of your personality. In case you are wondering where this is going, we are here to discuss some evergreen and new-age styling tips for single men. Some of the things are relevant for both formal as well as informal situations. The important thing is that these styling insights help you get the perfect look.

The Ready-To-Grove Casual Look

We all love to party. No matter what the age group is, no one is shy to show some party moves. What should be the styling formula when it comes to partying? Should one go with casual, a dash of funky colours and design? Or should one try the old formal and semi-formal look? Well, in fashion, there is rarely a wrong answer.

Classic Styling Tips for Single Men

If you want to keep it light and fun, a spirited casual attire is recommended. A semi-formal shirt, designer shirts, printed t-shirts or polo shirts matched with a party jacket, or pick out the shiniest, brightest funkiest piece of clothing in your wardrobe, anything and everything is valid as party wear.

Let’s go over the basics with denim and trousers. Denim is suited for all occasions, casual or formal. Especially for casual wear, ripped jeans, faded, baggy, skin-tight; all the variations bring out the best in you. Don’t’ bother with colours as denim is colour proof. Which means, pick your favourite colour and just match it with the right t-shirt, polo shirt or even semi-formal shirts. This is bound to make you look the smartest, classiest and yes, the grooviest guy at the party.

Only when you have a particular occasion to attend, you should stick to the dress code. We discuss the way to dress formal and still exude fun in the following section.

Formal Party-On-Your-Mind Look

Who says formal occasions require the boring traditional formal look? One of the best ways to make an impression as single men are to keep it simple. By that we mean a great fitting trouser, followed by a pristine looking shirt, matching tie, and finally, a blazer for that complete look. There’s no going wrong with this combination.

Classic Styling Tips for Single Men

Indian formals also convey the right attitude if you dress correctly. A beautiful mix of colours in a sherwani or an embroidered kurta creates a formal but a going-to-rock-the-party look. Especially with kurtas, you have numerous options of prints, designs, heavy to light thread work and the entire colour spectrum to choose from.

With the Indian wear, you are ready to create a memorable impression wherever you go. Just remember to play it cool and enjoy every moment.

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