Clothes you should wear for Rainy Season

Clothes you should wear for Rainy Season

If you are taking a walk from your home to the office or hitting the gym, you should be careful about choosing the clothes in the Rainy season. Make changes to your wardrobe collection when it comes to the rainy season. Be ready to say goodbye to your jerseys and small thickness clothes you used to wear in the summer. When you step out of your home, you need to brace yourself for the rains that can drench you out. If you find it hard to match your clothes for the rainy season, here are the tips for the best clothes for the monsoon season. 

Cotton Shirts

Modern fashion is all about the majority of the shirts, but which shirt makes you best for the rainy weather. The buttoned-down shirt can be a cool outfit to make yourself comfortable with a warm feel. The button-down shirt is so versatile enough to get everyone’s eye on you especially when you match your button-down shirt with rugged jeans along with uber-cool sneakers. This look can also be carried out with chinos when you want to look formal with a button-down shirt. Wear a tie along with the pair and let your teammates do the talking.

Blazer with Denim

Clothes you should wear for Rainy Season

When you see the weather and feel there is no chance of rain, but you still feel the breeze outside, and you cannot step out with the normal outfit. Always try to have the proper outfit to fight the cold. To do that, you should match with a light coloured tees with dark denim. But that’s not it. Take note of the denim fabric while purchasing it and make sure it is 100% cotton. It will make you feel comfortable and non-sticky when you go out on cold weather. If you are heading for a cocktail party, then add the single-breasted blazer on your tee that looks sexy, and the good news is this won't make you feel overdressed. Instead, this will make you look sexier and give a warm feeling during the rainy weather.

Waterproof Jackets

Clothes you should wear for Rainy Season

There is a myth about raincoats that you cannot style with it. Absolutely “No”, We all can style with the raincoats, but you have to choose the right one. We are not addressing the raincoats which are available on the roadside shops. If you dig a little and go to a branded showroom, you will find the right raincoat for your rain time outfit. You cannot always predict the rain, but you can carry a waterproof jacket along with you whenever you go out. Prevention is better than cure. Yes, carrying a raincoat is better than getting drenched in rain and getting cold & flu.

Even though your style with the right outfits, one must be very attentive and careful when stepping out. Carrying a raincoat and Umbrella is the best thing one can do! You never know the odds of going for a date! Right? So, better try carrying both raincoats and an umbrella with you. Do not forget to have waterproof accessories and gadgets with you. It will add a refined touch to your overall outfit. You are welcome to share your rainy season clothing secret in the comment section below.


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