Colours and What They Tell About You!

Colours and What They Tell About You!

Colours are everywhere, and everything you see has a colour in it. Colours play a significant role in human emotions, and the colours you choose has something to tell about you to the world outside. It is a fact that while buying products, especially clothes, people believe colour is the most influential factor in their decision to buy them.

Clothing colours convey different meanings, feelings, and can also reflect your mood. Colour varieties have a massive impact on your overall look. Let's take a look at some of the colours and see what they convey.


Colours and What They Tell About You!

Blue is the most favourite colour among others in clothing, according to research. It has a calming effect overall. Darker shades of blue represent authority and power, whereas lighter shades represent creativity and fun. Whether you are having fun at parties or you have to own a conference, blue is the go-to colour.


Colours and What They Tell About You!

There is a default setting to everything, and black is considered default colour in clothing. It is easily accessible and can go with almost everything. Black is a serious colour, and people wearing black are seen as ambitious and also sensitive. When you wear black, it is always like making a statement, and people will notice the personality rather than appearance.


Colours and What They Tell About You!

When someone says white, the first thing we say about it is purity. The white colour also represents calmness, innocence, and many more things. White colour is always a safe bet for a shirt. When you are looking for something new and willing to start fresh, white is the colour.


Colours and What They Tell About You!

Red is the colour that translates an array of emotions. There are both positive and negative emotions associated with red. Positives are it conveys boldness, confidence, and passion whereas, a bit too much of red can send a signal of aggression and danger. When used correctly, it makes you stand out and draws people's attention.


Colours and What They Tell About You!

Yellow is mellow, and it is a cheerful colour. Yellow exudes happiness and lifts the mood of people around it. Yellow colour tends to grab attention, and the focus will be on yellow, it is apt for social gatherings. Research says active and creative people prefer yellow to any other colour. If you are choosing yellow, then subtle shades will be advisable as darker yellow manages to tire your eyes.


Colours and What They Tell About You!

One of the lively colours to feature here is Green. Green represents harmony and freshness, thanks to its association with nature. Green is the choice for office wear as it is also restful on the eyes. Green creates a balance between the mind and body and is very useful for different settings. It indicates to people that you are an easy-going and creative person.


Planning to make a statement? If the answer is yes, go with purple. It’s a combination of red and blue, which is powerful. Power, control, and confidence are the traits of people wearing purple.


Colours and What They Tell About You!

Orange may not be the popular colour here, but it is associated with energy. It can translate a party vibe, and people who don this colour are considered energetic and optimistic. 

With everything said and done, there are few more colours like pink, grey, brown, etc. The principal colours are covered here, and by this time, you might have got an idea of how colour psychology plays a role in clothing. Choosing the right colour, complementing it with other colours, and selecting the right colour for various occasions are the key to colour psychology. It will then convey your intended message.

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