Colours to wear for your skin tone

Colours to wear for your skin tone

Your hairstyle and face are peculiar things that mainly determine you. Have you wondered, why certain clothes look dull or bad on you? It doesn't matter what colour you like to wear, there is always certain colours that only go with some skin tones. So, choosing the right colour for your skin tone is necessary for you to achieve an overall look.

Find your skin tone

Colours to wear for your skin tone

It will seem like you already know your skin tone, but sometimes it is complicated if you are in the middle of two tones.

So, if you are sorted out in the skin tone, it becomes easy to avoid or go for some colours. This will help you a lot in choosing the right colours.

Pale or Fair skin

If you are having a pale skin, you are exposed to more burns and freckles. The sun makes your skin burn. So, as far as you are concerned, try to stay away from blacks and whites as blacks will contrast intensely and the whites contrast too little.

Neutrals are your go-to colours. Stack up neutrals in your wardrobe such as navy, olive, grey, khaki/camel, and brown. When going neutral, stick to grey, beige, and navy, which will bring out the colour in you more efficiently.

Light skin

Colours to wear for your skin tone

Skin that is light in colour, tans nearly easily without burning. You have a lot of colour options to try, one group to try is the earthy tones.

Colours such as greens, browns, and khakis will aid you in complementing your skin tone. Autumn shades like orange, maroon, and yellow shades have a good effect on the lighter skin tones. They tend to give you the subtle feel, mix them up with black and white, and you can have variety in your colours and clothing. 

Olive Skin

Colours to wear for your skin tone

Men with olive skin tend to tan quickly, they have a yellowish undertone and a warm complexion. If that seems like you, here’s what you need to remember when stocking your closet. Avoiding colours that are too similar to your natural Olive tone is the priority, so avoid yellows, greens, or browns. 

Bright colours can work for you, but try to match them with neutral colours to create balance.

Experimenting is key to your style and contrasting colours is the way to go for you.

Dark Skin

You will be able to happily play with almost any colours you choose and have them suit you nicely. Pale, light shades, bold, vibrant ones, all can be mixed for this complexion. Avoid brown shades and you can go with vivid colours and flower patterns to enhance your look.

For a quick tip, always have neutral colours stocked up in your wardrobe. They are the core of any clothing and style. Because they are not overpowering and they mix and match nicely, it gives opportunities to try new outfit and colours.

Skin tones are natural and it is the confidence in you which makes you try different colours. So, you can follow these tips to play with colours matching your complexion. The final choice and experimenting with colours is ultimately your decision. Tell us how you liked our suggestions in the comments below.

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