Common Men's Fashion Myths

Common Men's Fashion Myths

When it comes to Fashion, there are a lot of false beliefs and ideas. These myths are there such that people believe in them and tend to avoid those. Times have changed, so not everything is a myth anymore. There is room for breaking myths and make a style statement out of them. Let's figure out some common Fashion myths existing or doing rounds in Fashion currently.

Denim on Denim Myth

Common Men's Fashion Myths

Wearing denim top and bottom or sporting more than one denim seems to be not a good idea. We can agree it is one look that can easily go wrong, but if you get the double denim look accurate, then you can achieve a stylish look. The main thing to look on point here is to attain a contrast between the shirt or jacket and the jeans. This should be in terms of both colour and texture.

Pink & Men

Common Men's Fashion Myths

This Pink colour doesn't suit men thing is going on for ages. It is not that pink is only reserved for ladies. It is a false conception altogether. Pink is a great colour and goes well with all kinds of trousers. Trust your vision and carry the colour with poise. Just keep in mind to combine the lively shade with neutral colours.

Always Opt for Loose Fit Myth

You would have heard a lot of people saying, you should wear loose-fitting clothes. But, why should you wear clothes like that when you can find outfits that fit you perfectly?. Wearing clothes that are too loose can emphasize your overall size. Also, do not go for tight clothes because they stick to your body and make you look lean or the opposite if you are bulky.

So, try to play the middle ground by opting for perfect fit clothing which just tells you who you are as it is.

Wearing Sunglasses Indoors? Why?

Common Men's Fashion Myths

The real purpose of sunglasses is to shield your eyes from the Sun and to make you look stylish. So, it does not mean you can wear them anywhere you want. Indoors are not the right places to wear sunglasses. It may seem odd and would not serve the purpose. If you want to make some fashion statement indoors, there are many alternatives. So, as far as sunglasses are concerned, always take them outdoors.

No Floral patterns for Men

Whenever it is about flowers, all associate them to Females. It is a fact that we see a lot of floral patterns on women's dresses. When things are evolving, and when there is always a need to update Fashion, why miss out on new things - Flowery patterns! Today, floral patterns are considered stylish in Men's fashion.

Many outfits are bearing floral patterns designed especially for Men. Many casual shirts are available in floral patterns, designed especially for parties and beaches. From ties to pairs of trousers, you can find these floral patterns now. They look cool!

So, here are some common Men’s fashion myths that you were afraid to try on before. Now, why not try these and see them for yourself? By keeping a clear mind and experimenting with colours, patterns and shapes, your personal style will come alive and can make you climb up the ladder in your Fashion game.

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