Cotton linen shirts for men - MICA

Cotton linen shirts for men - MICA

Cotton Linen shirts for Men are made from woven fabric using natural fibers such as pure cotton and flax. Cotton and linen are two natural plant-based fibers which are environmental- friendly and have no added chemicals. Cotton and linen fabrics are known for their durability in the textile industry. Cotton is an indispensable fabric and linen is a solid fabric. The blend of both has resulted in a greater byproduct enhancing the characteristics of each fabric making it the best option for summer. The fabric is assuring very skin-friendly and doesn't cause any harm to the skin. This rich blend has a good airflow for regulating body temperature and absorbs sweat or moisture thereby providing ultimate comfort to the wearer. It is a temperature regulating fabric which helps to stay cool in summer and warm during winter.
Comfortable wear all day
It can be considered as both casual and workwear depending on efficient styling and mood. It has always been a great choice for men as a business casual. Light Pastel colored Cotton-linen shirts are a must-have in a men’s Summer wardrobe collection. Each type of shirt will have its own specifications in fabric, sleeves, collar, fits and unique colors. It can be worn for all occasions from casual, office wear to weddings but should be paired efficiently. There are different types of casual shirts available such as button-down, spread collar and banded collar etc. When it comes to shirts it has a major role in marking men's fashion statement. Men should be adept at the new fashion trends and styling tips to put them to use to step out of your door with that confident look.

How to style your cotton-linen shirts?

When it comes to styling fabric, fit plays a major role. The perfectly fitted shirt will give you a clean and sharp look. And one should be aware of maintaining the shirts. There are different types of fits available such as slim, moderate fit etc. Look amazing in a linen-shirt , Cotton-linen shirt goes well with all skin types, the same goes for one’s physique too. Whether you are muscular or slim the linen shirt suits well all body shapes. 
Clean & Sharp Look

Cool Fashion tips:

Pair a white cotton-linen shirt with any light or dark colored chinos and team up with sandals or loafers.

Get a classic look with an olive green shirt with cream color slim-fit trousers and pair it with your favorite oxfords.

Try combining a light green shirt with black formal trousers and complete the look with formal shoes.

MICA Rich cotton-linen shirts from Classic Polo:

Classic Polo is one of India’s finest mid-premium brands that produce A-Z of men's wardrobes with great quality & style. They provide superior quality Mica shirts and all other types of Men’s apparel. It is made of 60% high-quality cotton and 40% linen to provide comfortable wear all-day long. The Mica superior cotton-linen shirt has a Milano fit and is available in a wide range of colours in half and full sleeves. It is suited to all age groups of men when it comes to the choice of color or fit. The classic polo is synonymous with the finest quality clothing at affordable pricing. Classic Polo has never failed to meet its customer's expectations and its ultimate aim is to satisfy all men in their fashion lifestyle. Shop at Classic Polo today and upgrade your boring wardrobe with a wide range of stylish & trendy wardrobe collections.

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