CP BRO-By Classic Polo

CP BRO-By Classic Polo

CP BRO-By Classic Polo

CP BRO-By Classic Polo

Decoding Style Mantras for Young Men

Dressing Millennial Men


CP BRO-By Classic Polo

CP BRO is a couture brand that is unconventionally trendy with a brand-new approach for young Indian men. India’s young population is growing at a fast pace whereas their fashion requirements are unlike mature men. To fill the gap in Indian Menswear, Classic Polo introduced CP BRO to deliver street fashion for youth. It is an indigenously inclined brand with a contemporary international flavour.

‘Mustang’- An Ownerless Beast

CP BRO-By Classic Polo

Our logo is inspired by ‘Mustang’, a wild horse that roams the ranges of Western US. The name was derived from the Spanish word ‘mustengo’ meaning ‘ownerless beast’. We believe men in the age group of 18-26 are unstoppable and untameable just like a Mustang. Following their heart with no terms and conditions, they are care-free, daring and lively.    

CP BRO – A Lifestyle

CP BRO-By Classic Polo

Youngsters want the freedom to experiment, to mark a style statement with their presence. Innovator teen or a trendsetter professional is adapting business casuals and edgy attire to stand out comfortably. We do know generation Y & X and their needs to explore and achieve an extra mile every day. To strike a balance between work and party isn’t easy for them. That’s why we have created a line of wardrobe to cater to instant fashion keeping in mind their hasty lifestyle.

One Wardrobe Solution

CP BRO-By Classic Polo

Understanding diverse voices within the young lot are challenging as well as engaging. CP BRO designs, Quirkygraphic tees to express themselves in a fun way, Travel-ready outfits for free souls, Street-casuals for the easy-going ones, BRO swag for the bold section, and Dude collection for the exclusive stylists. CP BRO isstyling lads with a personal touch. We are upgrading each season with the newest designs to suit spirited yet stylish men.

Budget-friendly Fashion

The next generation is changing wardrobe at the drop of a dime; this drift like shopping has influenced the starting price-range of CB BRO to the lowest. CP BRO is all about unparalleled class, the handcrafted collection with a unique appeal to the Indian men. You can shop affordable fashion at all the major e-commerce sites at your convenience, ClassicPolos.com, Classic Polo Exclusive and Multi-Brand stores.

Start Early to Create an Image

CP BRO-By Classic Polo

Millennials are constantly judged on their image and skills, to create an impact on the world you have to slay with your dressing style along with talent. Creators, innovators, or doers are the leaders of the society they move in swag and attain their goal in style. Not following any set rules is the motto; in fact, making own laws to chase the dreams is inspiring for go-getters. Likewise, they keep reinventing their dressing sense depending on the mood, season or comfort.

An eighteen-year-old should start building-up his core accessories like watches, shoes, formal wear etc. and establish his identity while moving forward in the career. Be innovative and creative in your dressing before you step out and learn through trial and error method. Gradually, you will get the hack of men’s fashion & style and by early twenties, you have mastered how to dress like a complete man.

The most essential rule is to collect quality products rather than quantitative which will last longer and build your reputation with credibility. Invest to purchase clothes which define your personality and suit you. Do not waste time and cash on low-value garments, this will hurt your social image and overall personality.    

As you move from your teenage years to early twenties, your overall look will automatically adapt to it. You would know yourself and develop a style expressing your character. Presenting stylishly your persona will elevate your confidence publicly and people will take your viewpoint sincerely in a gathering.

How to be a stylish Young Man?

CP BRO-By Classic Polo

Dress according to your age, occasion and personality. Boys grow up pretty fast however they don’t want to grow in their style. Repetitive patterns, overly graphic tees and baggy jeans cannot stay in your wardrobe for years. A casual look is apt for school life but it is not going to last forever. Even school prepares you for life ahead and how to dress accordingly for formal events when attending MUN, prom or graduation ceremony.

No matter what, you have to get into a mature man’s shoes at some point. Growing is a natural phenomenon but acting mature is human behaviour. The dressing is part of acting mature in society, you can’t skip it. Accept this fact and implement the changes required in your outfits if you want to be recognised and respected.

  • Complete no to short cartoony/slogan t-shirts. You’re not a man-child.
  • Do not try to look teenager if you have crossed 20.
  • Yes, Polo Shirt is for classy men (visit classicpolos.com)
  • Choose a brand wisely!! Find a fashionable but affordable one.
  • Start with business/smart casual. A simple blazer can be a game-changer. 
  • Begin creating your wardrobe essentials focusing on basics
  • Opt for solid single colour t-shirts or striped/henley tees are other options
  • Denim looks great with  a t-shirt but a big no to baggy/over-torn/over-skinny
  • Maintain variety of chinos in closet
  • Select quality shoes (don’t forget to polish) & don clean sneakers but only with casuals
  • Expand the variety of shoes over time
  • Start to build your accessories. It adds class and solidifies your identity
  • Don’t ignore winter wear. Add more colours to it. Mix & match. Opt for layering clothes to make it interesting.
  • Detailing matters.
  • Invest in clothes that can be worn throughout the year.

CP BRO-By Classic Polo

Slowly and steadily, create your dream closet. It will take time to bring the change but you can start with lending your short tees to a younger cousin. And when you will follow the mentioned above pointers religiously, you will notice the overall modification in your personality. Your efforts will show flying colors when people will start noticing you in public and give compliments. 

Developing your style statement is a never-ending evolution. What is important to understand at this tender age is your body type and likes & dislikes. Know the current trends in fashion and try it without any apprehensions. Be flexible when trying a new style and bend rules.

It will take time to develop fashion sense vis-à-vis your physique. Don’t try to fit into fashion instead try to fit fashion around yourself. Besides buying new clothes, keep upgrading the old ones and use them creatively.

Wisely choose a brand for yourself. Daily official or casual wear can be a mid-range label like CP BRO which fits you well and last longer. Fitting of an outfit can make or break your look. Do not compromise on it! Quality, on the other hand, will impress others and is a value for money.

In the end, grooming is an inseparable routine of dressing well. Frequent haircut and shaving/trimming facial hair is a must and please clip nails. And for detailed grooming visit manofmany.


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