Crafts of India

Crafts of India

India is famous for its Handicrafts from different regions. These crafts are either made with hand or hand tools. All these crafts utilize natural materials, and skillful artisans and workers are involved in its making.

Craft making for some families trace way back to generations, and they all come with Indian roots & tradition. Let us take a look at some of the crafts of India from different regions.

Bamboo Handicrafts

If you are talking about eco-friendly products, here you are looking at Bamboo crafts. They are predominant in West Bengal and Assam. We can name many products, such as boxes, baskets, toys, wall hangings, etc. All these products are done with innovation while preserving the heritage and tradition.

Let's look into Sarees and silk

Sarees, from whichever part of India they come, are known for their richness and intricacy. Weaving sarees is a tradition all over India. Kanchipuram silk sarees are the ones making waves across the country. 

They have attained a modern look with new designs and colors. Other notable mentions are Banarasi sarees, famous for their gold zari and embroidery.


Carpet-weaving is one of the famous craft in North India. Uttar Pradesh serves as the hub where carpets are handwoven with beautiful designs depicting monuments, stories, etc. Jammu and Kashmir are known for their carpets, especially wool.


Pottery can be traced back to older civilizations. Various kinds of pottery designs exist in different regions. Uttar Pradesh and Himachal are famous for their coloured pottery with ingenious designs. Rajasthan is famous for its painted pottery. It is an art that embodies patterns, designs, and colour.

Terracotta is the art that uses clay and is used to make sculptures and now also for some utilities such as flower pots, vase, and bowls. Terracotta is used in various parts of India for making pottery, sculptures, animal figures, etc.

Brass Handicrafts

Brass items are known for their durability. The brass is mainly used for making idols of God. Other extensive uses are for tabletops, lamps, toys, and ornament boxes. These artisans are highly skillful, and brass handicrafts are mainly done in Rajasthan.

Jute Crafts

Jute handicrafts have made a name in the world. Jute crafts include bags, jewelry, wall hangings, etc. West Bengal, Assam, and Bihar are the prominent players here, as they are leading jute producers in India.

Weaving or Embroidery Handicrafts

The traditional form of embroidery handicrafts is mainly found in parts of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. The famous Bandhani work is done in Rajkot, Gujarat. One of the famous crafts of Uttar Pradesh is Chikankari, involving precise and traditional hand embroidery. It involves fabrics like chiffon and silk and is perfect for summer wear.

The Crafts represent a country's tradition and culture and it can date back many years. Some of the crafts are losing their popularity nowadays with foreign brands and options. It is necessary to promote these crafts and fulfill the 'Make in India' objective which benefits both the people and the country.

Are you familiar with any of these crafts? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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