Different Ways to Wear a Scarf for Men

Different Ways to Wear a Scarf for Men

Worn masterfully, the front-line defence of cold breeze for men is the scarf. You all learned how to wear a scarf for men in the previous blog, and we are here to explore the different ways to wear a scarf for men. The scarves usually come out of the wardrobe during the cold months of the year. There are several ways to wear scarves based on the occasion and outfits. We have illustrated the kind of style that is used in tying a scarf as follows:

The drape

In the early 1990s, the simple drape was the best and favoured style by every man, the simple drape style is still in play which is practised by most of the models and celebrities in the red carpet. This method is simple, and without any doubt, it is the easiest to wear during winter.

Different Ways to Wear a Scarf for Men

No actual tying or knots is happening in this style, you just have to make the full length into half and put the scarf around your neck. This works well on the sports jacket or suit with a deep V-neck cut in front. The drapes are widely used by businessmen, lawyers, and also celebrities.

Overhand knot

The overhand knot is the easiest and simplest way to tie, the only challenge is you have to determine how high or low to wear it. Compared to other knots, it usually hangs a bit looser around the neck.

The overhand knot can be handy if you follow the simple steps, take both ends of the scarf and lay it over your shoulder, and tie them “over & under” like you hold on to the shoelaces. Make the front side be a bit smooth, adjust the other side bit tight until you feel it is a perfect fit around your neck.

The fake knot

Fake knots are more explainable than it hears to you. As the name indicates, this takes a bit of technique and deception to achieve the look. You can use a medium length of scarf for a fake knot and can be used best with thicker weave or patterned scarf.

With one end being is twice as long as others, spread the scarf around your neck. Hold a loose overhand knot and tie the other end of the shorter side leaving about 10 - 20 inches on the end. Tug the knot a little bit and slip the other end through, adjust the tightness to the desired length and comfort.

French Knot

Different Ways to Wear a Scarf for Men

The French Knot is also called as “Simple” or “Slip” knot style. This requires longer scarfs and bulky scarfs because they do not work in French knots as the end will appear too large. French knot can work on jacket, formal coats, and riding jackets.

Take the middle part of the scarf and fold into half so that ends touch each other and take the double-over bend in one hand while passing the loose ends and putting around your neck with another end. Pull the snug by tucking each end through the bend of previously loose ends.

Well, these above-mentioned types of scarf knots can be achieved based on the occasion, and one must know on what occasion you are trying it. Mention the experimental knots you have tried with a scarf in the comments section below.

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