Do’s and Don’ts of wearing shirts for men

Do’s and Don’ts of wearing shirts for men

Shirts for men have become an important part of life. Seeing around the bar, malls, offices, etc., it has become obvious that men have not figured out how to wear a shirt properly. Imagine you’re invited to a party this weekend. Outdoors, casual dress code. It’s not professional… just food and drinks. What will you wear? Not a suit for sure! This is where casual shirts spell the magic. Shirts always have the power to do wonders. It can work well only when you know to wear them properly. There are different types of shirts available in the market, and there are different styles to wear those shirts to look, killer. It is necessary for you to know the Dos and Don’ts of wearing a shirt. Shirts are a global staple for professionalism and elegance. Today, it is all about levering a shirt to your advantage. You can look great if you’ve styled right! Your personality depends on the way you dress and impress people with your looks. So, stick till the end to know the mistakes you were doing until now and make sure you don’t repeat them. Alright, gentlemen let’s get into the do’s and don’ts to upgrade the shirt game.

Do tuck your shirts when dressed with a blazer:

This is the most common fashion blunder done by many people. When shirts are worn with a blazer, it is an unsaid rule that the shirts for men should be tucked. If you want a blazer to look the smartest, tuck the shirts and close the blazer's top button when standing up. A good tuck should make your front body smooth and flat. So, it is necessary to tuck the shirt especially when you carry a blazer.

Do’s and Don’ts of wearing shirts for men

Do know your cuff styles:

It is very essential to know the cuff styles. The most attractive parts of attractive shirts for men are cuffs and collars. Though we men don’t think about them often, there’s evidence that others do. Research says that 41.9% of women preferred men with French collars. Even if French cuffs aren’t necessarily your thing, considering other cuffs is another way to emphasize your style. You might look better with two-button rounded cuffs, or a barrel cuff – which is simpler and less formal than a French cuff.

Do’s and Don’ts of wearing shirts for men

DO check the shirt quality before you buy:

As a man paying full price – you deserve full quality of shirts for men. If a shirt catches your eye - you love the color, texture, and fit of it – then look at the buttons. Whether it is strong like you. Make sure that the color of the shirt does not fade away in two or three washes. Finally, check if the stitching is sufficiently dense. These are all the factors you have to consider while investing your hard-earned money in shirts. The quality of the shirt is very important for longer life.

Do start with the most versatile shirt colors:

If you are new to the shirt game, make sure that your first two shirts are white and light blue, as these colors work with any colors you decide to put on. Use these tenets as a foundation to build upon. Perhaps after these, you can opt for darker colors like navy blue – still versatile and so on.

Do’s and Don’ts of wearing shirts for men

Don’t wear a shirt darker than the suit to work:

Wear a shirt which is lighter than the suit to look amazing. Create a contrast color between shirt color and suit color. So, navy/charcoal suits would work wonders with a white shirt. You can even go for other colors like pink, light blue, white, light grey, etc… It is always advisable to wear shirts lighter than a blazer. Always make sure to match your ties with the shirt and belt with the shoes.

Don’t wear the wrong size collar:

You can know if you’ve chosen the right collar if you can comfortably fit your index and middle fingers side by side between your neck and collar. Attractive shirts come with various collars, and like anything you need to get the ones that serve you the best. If you prefer to undo the first two buttons, then invest in a few spread collars (45-55 degree spread) that work for the style. Always make sure to avoid floppy collars – they should always be stiff.

Don’t forget about the fit:

The most critical factor in a shirt is fit. Without it, nothing else can help you in this article. Ideally, a shirt should hug you perfectly to show out your best features and which compliments your look. While also giving you enough room to move comfortably without losing oxygen. It might sound tough to achieve, but it’s doable. Don’t go for the shirts with the baggy sleeves. It will just spoil your gentleman look. So, go for the right fit and make your charm work.

Do’s and Don’ts of wearing shirts for men

Gentlemen, hunting down shirts might be a challenging task, but with the criteria mentioned above, we have made your work easier. So, if a shirt catches your look make sure you hit all the criteria above and take a simple shirt to another level. Have you figured out the mistakes you were doing until now? If yes, then what are you waiting for buckle up! And make the compliments pour in. Whatever the styles you are trying, try with a calm mind, because a calm mind knows what you want than a wandering and confused mind. Be calm and rock every style.

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