Don’t Chuck That Favorite Jacket – Fix the Zipper

Don’t Chuck That Favorite Jacket – Fix the Zipper

Fix the zipper instead of chucking your favorite jacket with the tips mentioned in this article. We all know that feeling of panic when you pull your expensive, favorite, warm jacket out of the closet, put it on, pull the zipper up, and it stops halfway? Or the teeth separating at the bottom? Or the pull comes off? Or the teeth are bent and we can neither zip nor unzip. So, deciding to chuck that jacket? These are the common problems that everyone faces, but there is a solution to every problem. Even this has.

All coats and zippers have a zipper, and most use a heavy one with either plastic or metal teeth. If you want to be really precise, zippers are also sized according to how big their teeth really are, in millimeters. To find the exact number, close the zipper and measure across both rows of teeth. This blog is all about the ways to fix the zipper and save you from common problems.

So, now you don’t have to think a lot to buy a zipper jacket because of the common problem that comes with it. Read the complete article and find a solution for it.


The most common problem with zipper jackets is they get stuck in the middle while sliding the zipper if you do not do it right. You should have the patience to fix it rather than trying it hard when you recently bought it. These problems occur during the early stages, and even when the product is old. You must know both scenarios of why it will be stuck in the middle while operating the zipper.

When the zipper jacket is new, the material will be fresh and since it is new, it needs little to and fro motion with the zipper to settle down on easy operation with the zipper. If the same problem occurs when it is old, then you did not maintain it properly by taking care of the zip. Always remember, the zip needs little moisturizer care at least monthly once. Otherwise, you will face this issue even if the jacket is branded. So, when this happens, you can use the pencil and rub the graphite on the zipper portion where it will make the zipper flow easily.

Don’t Chuck That Favorite Jacket – Fix the Zipper

Petroleum Products:

If the pencil doesn’t work with the stuck challenge in the zipper jacket, then you have to move to petroleum products like Vaseline. The Vaseline will help the process easier by soothing the stuck part of the zipper. The Vaseline will act as a lubricant to the stuck part of the zipper, you have to do it in the right way. The right way is, take the earbuds and take a little part of the Vaseline and rub it gently over the Q tip of the zipper where the zipper gets relieved and it will be smooth in no time where you can easily operate the zipper.

When the Zipper Doesn’t Stay Up:

A common problem with jacket zippers or pant zippers is they won’t stay up. This can lead to a lot of embarrassing situations. Unfortunately, you cannot fix this problem permanently unless you completely replace the zipper.

Two simple temporary fixes can be done. The easiest is to slide a key ring through the zipper pull and over your pants button. This keeps the zipper up in a simple way. If you’d prefer a little more flexibility, you can also try a rubber band

When the Zipper Pull Breaks Off:

When the pull breaks of a zipper, it makes it incredibly hard to zip the zipper up. The good news is; we have a solution for it. You can turn a paperclip, or a keyring, or even a telephone wire connector into a zipper pull. Just slide it through the tab on the slider at voila – you have a new zipper pull. Sure, it’s not exactly the most stylish solution, but at least you’ll be able to get in and out of your clothes.

Don’t Chuck That Favorite Jacket – Fix the Zipper

Apart from pencil and petroleum products you can try olive oil or bar soap which will also act as a lubricant to the zipper. In the world of competition, some youths also love to explore by experimenting with things to fix the zipper issue and we would love to encourage your great ideas in the comment section below. Whether the trial is successful or not, it is worth sharing your experience. Get more tips on this website. Classic Polo is a complete local brand, situated in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu. Support local brands and let’s give back to the country we belong to. patriotism is not only respecting the national flag, national anthem, national leaders, and national values. But also extending sincere patronage to quality national produce. Let’s develop this nation together by buying Indian products.

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