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Dos and don’ts for Indian men fashion

Dos and don’ts for Indian men fashion

Everyone talks about consistency! Well, when it comes to body types, there is no consistency. Over some time, the majority of men’s body changes and there will be no consistency in the fitness of a man. But there are some fitness freaks out there who are dedicated towards their body maintenance and those who are wondering how to maintain the fitness, Click here.

Apart from fitness, it is very common where people should adapt the clothing sense according to their body shape. The clothes do not come under customization but they come under standard sizes, and also the standard sizes differ from company to company. One should be aware of this information and not buy the dress in terms of standard sizes. Instead, always go for a trial before deciding the clothes.

Making the right choices is never easy. While we all have personalized look and aim for individual style, here are the basic dos and don'ts for Indian men fashion.


 Dos and don’ts for Indian men fashion

  1. Have a traditional companion - Have at least two pair of traditional wear. It is always the best option to have traditional clothes because we follow the festival and culture wholeheartedly. If you bring up the traditional wear, it’ll give an extra touch to the tradition. This also helps in keeping the Indian culture alive for the upcoming generations.
  1. Have a bespoke dress - There is always one dress which suits just perfect for you. It might be a suit, trousers or shirts. Once you find them, you must visit a tailor and ask for the custom tailoring for the new clothes in the same measurements. Sometimes, it is hard to find all the clothes which fit just right to you but once you find, never let them go off your collection.
  1. Know your shoes – It is always said that shoes are the first thing a person will look upon. You should always invest in shoes because it certainly elevates your fashion.
  1. Dress for the occasion – Think about the event and what’s appropriate for a particular situation. Personalize your sense of style but dress according to the occasion. There is also a good option for Polo on every occasion.


 Dos and don’ts for Indian men fashion

  1. Avoid more accessories – The basic accessories like belt and tie is a good option but if you try to experiment by wearing all accessories, it may look out of place. Know the purpose of the particular day and select the right accessories.
  1. Black shoe myth – There is a myth called black shoes that go with everything but it is not. There are multiple options and colours to select from. Always select a pair that will compliment your attire and overall look.
  1. Avoid mass-produced clothes – You should always play a puzzle game in selecting the pairs for your fashion or you will end up seeing the same kind of dresses with your circle or with a stranger in the street. Be selective and choose the right puzzles.
  1. The wrong pairing of socks – You might be thinking who will notice the socks when it is covered with the pants. However, many times it is not covered when a person sits. Always prefer matching socks to your pair of shoes.


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