Easy Hacks to know When and How to Tuck in your Shirt

Easy Hacks to know When and How to Tuck in your Shirt

When and How to Tuck in your shirt? Is the question which bothers every man. Most guys get confused what has to be tucked, when it has to be tucked and how to tuck it properly. You should be careful of these things whenever you are tucking your shirt. We have already posted a blog on how and when to tuck in your shirt? You can check that blog to get some insights. Moving on to this article, remember when tuck in your shirts was reserved only for the formal occasions or are you getting flashbacks to when your teachers would yell at you to neatly tuck in your school uniform? We used to consider leaving everything untucked was super cool and rebellious. Right now there are number of ways to tuck in your shirts and look fashionable. You might think is it necessary to read this article about the things which we are doing since the age of five. Well, yes, actually. Just look around. How many men do you see sporting a billowy, unkempt-looking shirt? Most men do not have a system for tucking in shirts. Just because you are doing something for longer years, doesn’t mean you are doing it correctly. Read the article completely to know the mistakes you were doing until now.

What to Tuck and What not to Tuck:

Here are some guidelines to follow in order to clear your confusion.

  • Shirts with a Flat Hem are meant to be Untucked:

Shirts that have a flat hem are meant to be worn untucked, but if the shirts have visible “Tails” – if the hem varies in length, rather than being even all the way around – It should always be tucked in.

  • Shirt with tails has to be tucked:

Wearing a shirt with tails tucked is a forbidden look, it makes you look Juvenile. Wearing a shirt with tails untucked with a bottom wear will make you look like a teen rebel at a grown-up wedding. Under a jacket, or a shirt will make you look like a person who is trying hard to look stylish, but everything in vain. Tucking in a shirt with tails will give you a sharp and a more mature look.

If your shirts don’t have visible tails, there are more ways to find whether it has to be tucked or not:

Polo shirts:

Polo shirts can be worn untucked even though they have an even hem, but polo shirts are often tucked in for a little dressier look. However, Rugby shirts their long-sleeved cousins are never worn tucked in.

Turtleneck/Roll Collars:

Turtleneck/Roll collars dressed up or down looks amazing with anything you wear. When you are dressing a turtleneck on their own, leave it untucked and let it look cool and stylish, but when you are layering it with a sports jacket or jacket, consider tucking it. These are often worn tucked so that the belt is visible and gives a stylish and classy look.

Hawaiian Shirts:

Hawaiian shirts and loud printed shirts are meant to be left untucked, no matter what their hem looks like. Literally, never tuck these types of shirts. Nothing looks worse than tucked-in vacation shirt. So, go with the untuck in case of loud printed shirts like Hawaiian and Guayaberas.

How to Tuck in a Shirt Properly:

  • A good Tuck should make your front body flat and smooth.
  • If your waist tapers below your ribcage, it should be visible. Make sure that there is no wrinkling or no “muffin-topping” – Where the shirt blouses out over the trouser waist and makes a ring around the midsection.
  • You should remember that a good shirt should always fit in the first place, only then it will be easier for you to tuck in.

The Basic Trouser Tuck:

This is where most men start and finish the shirt-tucking education i.e., shirttails inside the trousers but above the underpants, shoved straight down all the way around the waist. It is the most common way to tuck. Here’s the easiest way to do it, tuck your shirts inside your underwear, button it up and then finally, pull your pants on, buttoning them closed over the shirttails. It works well with the well-fitted shirt.

Easy Hacks to know When and How to Tuck in your Shirt

The military Tuck:

Stand straight in your shirt, and if there’s any loose fabric hanging on either side of you, you fold into a sharp, diagonal crease, sort of like making the nose on a paper airplane. Then you tuck the creases in at the hip, belting your trousers on above them.

Easy Hacks to know When and How to Tuck in your Shirt

Shirt stays – The ultimate Shirt tuck:

Basically, the stays are just a pair of small, elasticized garters with clips at the ends. You put your shirt on first and button it up, clipping one end of the garters to the tips of your shirttails (the stays come in sets of two, one for each shirttail/trouser leg). Then you put your socks on, and attach the lower clips to them, adjusting the buckles until the shirt is held straight but not taut.

Easy Hacks to know When and How to Tuck in your Shirt

We have reached the end. We hope you are clear with what shirts can be tucked in and what cannot. So, whenever you are dressing up keep these things in mind always. Tuck your shirts properly and look like a polished gentleman.

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