Elevate your style with Printed Collar T-shirt

Elevate your style with Printed Collar T-shirt

Printed collar t-shirts are a must in every guy’s wardrobe. The Classic Polo t-shirt is casual-chic menswear essential and simply cannot be ignored! It is worn universally by men from all walks of life and is styled in uber-chic ways; the collar t-shirts have made their way into every wardrobe today, whether it’s a man or a woman, and are loved by everyone. The versatility of the collared t-shirt goes everywhere. The printed polo t-shirt is more loved by the guys who are tired of wearing the same boring clothing and want something new and interesting to try. What can be better than a printed collar t-shirt? The printed collar t-shirt goes with everything you wear. This type of t-shirt suits best for the occasion when you don’t have to look dressed up, but at the same time, you want to look stylish too. Getting it right? The most important thing to think about when it comes to a graphic t-shirt is to “Nail the fit”. It does not look good when it looks sloppy over the shoulder. Make sure it’s not too big or too long. You want something that is a little contoured to your body. Let’s dive in to find out the ways to style a printed collar t-shirt.

Printed Polo t-shirt + Jeans:

if you’ve never worn printed polo before, pairing it with jeans is a great place to start. This combination has been appreciated by many. Jeans are trending forever and will not be out of fashion. It is a brilliant choice to pair your printed polo t-shirts with jeans.

  • Try pairing a light blue printed t-shirt with denim slim-fit jeans. Leave your polo untucked and complete the look with crisp white sneakers.
  • Consider pairing a marron printed t-shirt with black denim jeans and finish this stylish look with black boots.

Printed Polo t-shirt + Khaki Shorts:

To create the ultimate preppy outfit, pair it with khaki shorts. For serious summer vibes, top off the outfit with a pair of sunglasses and sneakers or boat shoes. To get a preppy look, leave your printed polo t-shirts untucked and ditch the belt.

  • Pair a light blue printed t-shirt with navy blue khaki shorts and complete this ultimate casual look by wearing white sneakers.
  • Try wearing a black printed t-shirt with white shorts. As black and white make the best combinations.

Printed Polo t-shirt + Joggers:

You can find athleisure outfits everywhere these days. You can still part in the trend while still staying true to your preppy styles. As the name suggests, polo t-shirts were worn during 19-century polo matches. They’ve also been worn by tennis players for decades.

  • Consider pairing a red printed t-shirt with black joggers and white sneakers to get a killer casual look.
  • Pair a blueprinted t-shirt with navy blue joggers and white sneakers or black sneakers to ace your casual look.

Printed Polo t-shirt + Chinos:

Chinos are best to pair with a casual outfit. Pairing your printed polo t-shirt with chinos will give you a semi-formal look. This combination creates a smart casual look. Play with the colors to add a more preppy feel. This outfit is perfect for your first date.

  • Pair a black printed t-shirt with cream color chinos, a black leather belt, and black lace-up shoes.
  • Consider pairing an orange printed t-shirt with crisp white chinos, a black leather belt, and black boots.
Elevate your style with Printed Collar T-shirt

Striped Polo T-shirt + Trousers:

The beauty of polo t-shirts is they are easy to dress up or down. Choose polo t-shirts with print in subtler colorways in creating a formal look. Wear your striped polo t-shirts with trousers. Tuck in your shirt and wear a matching leather belt and loafers. Leave just the top button unbuttoned.

  • Try pairing a white printed t-shirt with black trousers, brown leather belt and complete this rocking look by wearing loafers to this outfit.
  • Pair an orange printed t-shirt with white trousers, black leather belt and finish this trendy look by wearing brown loafers.
Elevate your style with Printed Collar T-shirt

Did you get the idea to style a printed shirt? Try every kind of t-shirts style mentioned above and get styling inspiration daily in classicpolos.com. Classic Polo is a company based in Tiruppur, which uses environmentally friendly methods in the production of clothes. So, when you choose Classic Polo, you are not only choosing the best quality, but also the environment. Classic Polo’s Managing director Mr. Sivaram, has taken this beautiful initiative of making Tiruppur as Vanathukkul Tiruppur with the help of the Vetry foundation. So, it is in your hand to choose a made in India product to develop our nation, or buy foreign products, and develop theirs. Even the small change matters. Always style your outfits to their best and look great.

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