Foods That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Foods That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

We are finally feeling the monsoon chill after a scorching summer. After the rainy season, winter would set in making the weather even more pleasant. While most places in the country would see a slight decrease in temperature, there are some areas which receive heavy snow during this time. In such places, besides enjoying the freezing temperatures, it is also important to keep the body warm.

Foods That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

When the temperature falls, your metabolism slows down to conserve energy and this keeps your body warm. This is probably why everyone feels sluggish during winters. Some foods can help regulate metabolism and keep your body active and energized throughout the day. We have drawn out a list of foods that keep your body warm and comfortable.

Foods That Will Keep You Warm This Winter


The root of the ginger plant is extremely useful and is said to improve blood circulation, which further tends to increase body temperature. Ginger has unique thermal properties and can be used in hot drinks like tea which is very good for the skin


Onions are used from energizing tonic to everyday food around the world. The effective part of the onion is the outermost layer. To get maximum benefits, do not over peel it. Try to peel the outer layer as little as possible. The best option in the winters is onions with some grated cheese, blended together in the form of a delicious soup.


Garlic contains ingredients which help to fight germs and boost the immune system. If you contract flu and cold quite frequently, garlic helps you fight these infections and prevent seasonal ailments. Garlic breadstick, a perfect blend of butter and garlic on loaves of bread, is something you can regularly have during the winters. Usually, garlic is a constant companion of many Indian preparations and enhances the overall taste of various special delicacies.

Root vegetables

Vegetables grown below the surface are known as root vegetables. Some of them such as radish, sweet potatoes, turnip provide great amounts of energy for humans to keep their body warm. The root vegetables are not easily digestible. Because of this, digestion takes more time and the body generates more heat. Use root vegetables particularly for raw vegetable dinner with leafy greens.


According to Indian tradition, desi ghee or clarified butter is one of the easily digestible fats. It is used in several Indian food preparations and it serves as a natural remedy for getting rid of body toxins and preventing constipation. Ghee not only keeps your body warm but also helps in increasing the immune system which fights against common cold and flu. The best natural remedy for sore throat is to eat a preparation of fried onions with desi ghee.

Green Tea

There is nothing better than sipping up a hot cup of green tea on a chilly day. Drinking green tea regularly has shown results in successfully suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism. Besides anti-ageing properties, you can burn calories while you develop a habit of drinking green tea this winter season.

 Foods That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Tell us your stories of keeping yourselves warm during cold weather. Share your experiences as they can help readers stay warm and cosy this winter.


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