Guidelines for wearing a half-sleeve shirt

Guidelines for wearing a half-sleeve shirt

A Half-sleeve shirt seems to be a perfect offer for warm and hot days. It can be a casual shirt or can also be worn to the office. This shirt looks good on guys who have well-defined muscles and chests. It flatters the body shape and makes all your hard work in the gym worthy. When you are wearing it for work always make sure to tuck your shirts. You can tuck your shirts out while pairing them with casual trousers or shorts. It used to be the domain of IT workers. Time has changed though and it’s no longer mandatory to just rock long-sleeved button shirts with rolled-up sleeves- as much as we do love them. Styling a short-sleeved shirt is not as easy as you think. Styling is an art and everyone is not an artist. This is the reason people always give a second thought about wearing a short-sleeved shirt. We’ve got all the right looks to cover your needs whether it’s in the office, on a night out in the town or the beach. Stay tuned and pay attention to the styles mentioned in this article, we are sure that you will nail this look and become an artist.


Half-sleeved shirts for workaholic days:

The half-sleeve shirts are best to showcase elegance like a formal attire. Here you can also go with strip lined shirt and blend with a fitted trouser to give a cool and professional look. Just tuck in the half sleeve shirt to maintain the decorum of the workplace and you are all set to hit the office with short sleeve dress shirt style.

  • A neutral-colored shirt with chinos paired with loafers or formal shoes keeps your personality intact and shows your fashion sense.
  • Pair a black short-sleeved shirt with cream-colored chinos, brown loafers, brown leather belt. There you are with a killer formal look!Guidelines for wearing a half-sleeve shirt


Layer it with a t-shirt for weekend style:

The bold print half sleeve shirts are best to go for the weekend where you can wear as an open shirt under a plain t-shirt. You need to be quite particular with the t-shirt collection as it should match or complement the shirt. Here you can also go in skinny jeans.

  • Pair a white and pink printed half sleeve shirt with V-neck white t-shirt and black denim jeans. You can complete this look by adding white sneakers to it for a perfect weekend look.
  • Consider pairing a grey and light pink printed shirt with a light pink t-shirt and blue denim jeans. Finish this rocking casual look by adding white casual shoes.Guidelines for wearing a half-sleeve shirt


Half-sleeve shirts for a beach look:

When the summer hits the corner the beach calls you for the weekend chill. Then to give a stylish appearance there as well the half sleeve shirts are the best option to opt for. A simple printed one or a plain shirt is perfect to choose from. Fuse it with shorts maybe cargo or chino shorts to give a relaxed feel.

  • Pair a simple blue printed shirt with white cargo shorts and black sneakers.
  • Consider pairing a striped printed shirt with black chino shorts, white sneakers, and a brown leather belt. Remember to tuck your shirt while pairing it with chino shorts. Guidelines for wearing a half-sleeve shirt


Printed half sleeve shirt with jeans:

If you are bored with the regular half sleeve shirt, you can try pairing your denim jeans with a printed shirt and make sure to unbutton the first three buttons to showcase your well-defined chest and broad shoulders.

  • Pair a solid black printed shirt with black denim jeans, black leather belt, and complete this look by adding black boots or black boat shoes to it.
  • Consider pairing a yellow printed shirt with black denim jeans and finish this rocking look by adding black loafers.Guidelines for wearing a half-sleeve shirt


Layer it with a biker jacket for a perfect road trip:

Layering a short-sleeved shirt with a biker jacket is a perfect look for a road trip. We would suggest you have at least one biker jacket in your wardrobe. Get a black jacket, as it goes well with everything you wear. This look has always been on-trend. You can always nail your look with a biker jacket.

  • Pair a simple grey printed shirt with black denim jeans and a black biker jacket. You can go with black boots to nail your look.
  • Try pairing a simple light pink short sleeve shirt with a black biker jacket and black denim jeans. As usual, wear white sneakers to get a completely stylish casual look.


While choosing a short sleeve buttoned shirt or a half sleeve shirt for you there are certain things you should consider. Starting from the fitting of the half sleeve shirt, make sure that the chest and sleeve of the shirt fit perfectly. Most precisely the length of the sleeve should end near your biceps. So, we would recommend you to wear a perfect fit of the shirt as the of the shirt will determine your style level game. Whatever the kind of dress you’re wearing make sure it’s of a perfect fit for a perfect finish.

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