Guidelines to look amazing in casual shirts

Guidelines to look amazing in casual shirts


A casual shirt is comfortable, easy to maintain and if you wear it right, it can help you enhance your look without much effort. It is a perfect balance between too casual and too formal. It’s formal than a tee and more casual than a blazer or jacket. Plus, you can style it in many ways. We all love wearing casual shirts, right? Honestly, we aren’t a huge fan of wearing suits every day. We love to keep our dressing simple, comfortable, and casual, so the casual shirt is perfect for this. You can keep them tucked in when needed or keep them untucked when you are hanging out with friends or while shopping. We would recommend you to have at least three colors of casual shirts of white, navy and black color, as these three colors go well with any kind of trousers, chinos or jeans. If you want to be stylish buy the latest trending threads, but if you want to remain stylish keep it simple. The very nature of a casual shirt is, that it is adaptable. In this guide, you will know the various ways and combinations to style a casual shirt.


Layer it with a t-shirt:

Casual shirts are meant for layering. It goes well with a t-shirt, or whatever layers you are adding to it. You cannot go wrong with this outfit unless you miss matching the colors appropriately. You can wear a crew neck or a round neck tee under a casual shirt. This outfit gives an edgy and cool look. You will love trying this out.

  • Pair a white crew-neck tee with a light pink color casual shirt and blue denim. Complete this edgy look by adding white sneakers to it.
  • Consider pairing an olive green v - neck tee with a black casual shirt and black denim. Finish this smart look by adding white sneakers to it.Guidelines to look amazing in casual shirts


Layer it with a denim jacket:

In the winter, you can wear a jacket over a casual shirt. Casual over a sweatshirt is a great way to layer in cold weather. Just because a casual shirt is casual doesn’t mean that you can wear it with sweatpants. Wearing a casual shirt over sweatpants will break your outfit by making you look sloppy

  • You can consider pairing a black casual shirt with a blue denim jacket on blue denim jeans. Complement this look by adding white sneakers to it.
  • Pair a red casual shirt with a black denim jacket on black denim jeans. Finish this cool look by adding white or black casual shoes to it.


Layer it with a hoodie:

A hoodie or a sweatshirt goes well with a casual shirt. Note that the color of the hoodie is complementary and the casual shirt is oversized. To create, this outfit you’ll need a fitted hoodie and a large casual shirt for the layering without seeming bulky.

  • You can pair a blue and black casual shirt with an ash grey hoodie on black denim jeans and finish this look by wearing white or black casual shoes.
  • Pair a red and white casual shirt with a white sweatshirt and black chinos. Pair this aesthetic look by wearing white sneakers or black suits, this will complement your look.

Pair it with Chinos shorts:

A casual shirt with shorts is a perfect outfit for summer. You can’t wear athletic gear, cargo shorts for a classy look. For footwear stick to sneakers or loafers in simple colors like white, black, and brown.

  • A light red casual shirt over navy blue chino shorts, a brown leather belt, and brown loafers will make you look comfortably stunning.
  • A checked casual shirt with white chino shorts and black sneakers will make you look cool.Guidelines to look amazing in casual shirts


Pair it with jeans:

A casual shirt and jeans combo is a classy one. it is a perfect outfit for a date. They make an exceptionally great choice with edgy grunge and a stunning look. Pick classic shirt colors like red, black, white, brown, ash grey, green.

  • Pair a red and black checked shirt with black denim jeans and white sneakers.
  • Try pairing a green checked flannel with blue denim jeans as the green checked casual shirts often has blue or navy checks. Add boots or sneakers to ace your look.Guidelines to look amazing in casual shirts



As you checked out these simple styling tips you will rock your casual look in no time. A casual shirt is a perfect place to start. Always make sure that your outfit is simple and classy enough to make you look stylish. It is not only important to look stylish but, also to maintain a good lifestyle. You can look good only when you feel good. Maintaining a good lifestyle has to do a lot with looking stylish. ‘Health and intellect are both blessings of life’, so make sure you maintain them properly. Thus, maintain a good lifestyle and look rocking in casual outfits.

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