Here’s How to Level Up on Your Street Style

Here’s How to Level Up on Your Street Style

Street Style is a fashion that originated from different places rather than from mainstream fashion. Street style is born from the streets, from influential individuals, cultural trends, and so on.

Here’s How to Level Up on Your Street Style

Youth culture is the main backbone for this style, and it is popular among millennials.

The uniqueness of street fashion is the fact that it is the expression of individuality, swag, creativity, etc. rather than following a set template.

Indian Street Style

The street style originally comes from British fashion culture. Since India has different cultures and diversities, the people have adopted a new kind of street style. Much credit is due to several art forms such as theatre, drama, hip hop and skateboarding which influenced the street style to a great extent.

Here’s How to Level Up on Your Street Style

Many top brands have used this opportunity to make streetwear or street style clothing into luxury wear. This move has been extremely influential, considering how it has made its way into wardrobes of many urban youths.

Give it an ethnic touch

Indian boys or youths are very well informed about the new trends in fashion and not afraid of experimenting with new things. A new trend now catching up in street style is the use of ethnic fabrics like Ikat, Kalamkari, Ajrak, etc. and to know more on ethnic wear Visit Nihaal Fashions.

Here’s How to Level Up on Your Street Style

In ethnic fabrics, skillful artisans do the weaving and the artwork. An ikat shirt or kurta when worn with a pair of plain trousers, makes for comfortable attire, and showcases the intricate works on the fabric.

Mix it up

When it comes to Street fashion, we often hear the words, graffiti, bold stripes, sneakers, sweatshirts, etc. Choices are abundant, and we have to choose the right ones, mix and match it up, and boom everyone can make a style statement. Let's look at some here.

Go for the timeless black and white combo; try pairing a classic white cropped kurta with black chinos. It looks simple and gives a retro street look for boys. 

Here’s How to Level Up on Your Street Style

Looking for a fun and funky style? Nothing is trendier than a pair of bright shorts and a printed half sleeve shirt to go with it. The print is often the choice of the wearer. It can be cool wordings, abstracts, shapes, etc., and to complete the look, pair it up with matching sneakers.

A perfect fit pair of jeans with a tank top and a checked shirt on top can be an indomitable outfit.


Street style or fashion is setting trends among the Indian youth as well, and we can already see the path going forward. Many Indian labels are now leading the line in producing some of the finest and innovative street fashion and one can prefer the Polo shirts for the street style.

 At CP BRO, we try to bring new trends to street fashion, something that the youth can express themselves in. 

Street Style is a jigsaw puzzle, forming the right pieces will yield good results. Following instincts, choosing the right fit, and expressing freedom are the ingredients for Street Style.

 What is your secret sauce for streetwear? Share your comments and post your favorite street style looks.

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