Home Remedies for Men's Skin Itches

Home Remedies for Men's Skin Itches

We all can relate to a situation where we are supposed to reach home and take rest but, due to the pollution and several factors, the skin starts itching. The skin itches are the most common problem with people who are often travelling, who are exposed to the sun for the majority of the time. However, the reasons might be so many, but we have to be ready for battling the itches. To fight skin itching and make progress with home remedies, here are some practical tips.

Cooling the itchy part

Whatever might be your skin problems, it is going to start with the itches. So, the immediate remedy is to cool down the itchy part. Apply a wet cloth, or an ice pack to the affected area for at least 5 to 20 minutes, and that helps to reduce the inflammation which may be contributing to it.

Another alternative is to keep a portion of lotions or moisturizing creams in the freezer. The cold lotions and moisturizers will ensure the direct cooling effect when you apply them on the itchy part of the skin.

Applying Menthol

When you hear menthol, you can feel the coolness in your mind, Right? Because the menthol produces essential oils found in plants from the mint family. Menthol is a natural remedy that is very effective in killing the bacteria on the itchy skin. The cooling property in the menthol gives more comfort around the affected skin and relief from the pain. There are products in the market which are made using menthol, and these oils or ointments can be used effectively to reduce the itching.

Wet wraps

The majority of the skin problems are because of dehydration that leads to dry skin. Wet wrap therapy can be adopted when the skin is dehydrated. The process involves fabrics soaked or netted clothes soaked in cold water, then applying it on the itchy part of the skin that helps in rehydrating. This method helps anyone to avoid scratching on the affected area and mainly used to treat children in this case.

Avoid harmful factors

“Prevention is better than cure”. We have to be aware and careful when it comes to taking care of the skin. There are many reasons why our skin might hurt and avoid some factors to take care of the skin as follows:

  • Bathing or showering with very hot water.
  • Don’t expose your skin on hot summer and dry days.
  • Take careful note of skincare products like Fragrance, dyes, and beauty products.
  • Wear Wool, cotton, and synthetic fabrics.
  • Use moisturizers in cold weather and know what are your skincare products
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Eat good foods for the Skin

When the basic treatment doesn’t work, it is always better to visit dermatologists, to know further about treatment on other problems, like acne. But it is always good to know the basic treatment for skin problems. If you know some unique remedies to get rid of skin itches, do mention them in the comments below.



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