How Fashion grows with Classic Polo & CP Bro

How Fashion grows with Classic Polo & CP Bro



“In general, fashion is important because it reflects every culture around the globe. Fashion was pioneered during the mid-19th century in Paris. As time passed the fashion spread across the whole world with passion, people accepted the new change & they continued encouraging further with renovating, designing, styling using models. Now fashion business worth is estimated at around $2.5 Trillion & the fashion industry is growing rapidly”.

In the early stages of fashion, only big nations were loving and implementing the modelling. Not only were the developing nations dependent on their traditional styles for inspiration, but also the teenagers started liking the new wave of fashion in western countries. Majority of the teenagers and youngsters mimicked the new looks and, consequently, started modelling. As time passed, even the developing nation’s youths showed great interest in lifestyle and fashion.


Teens Fashion


“Fashion shows began in the 1900s & the people who represent were called models. As the trends started growing in the 20th century, fashion began to attract teens as well. Some of the teens were so obsessed with modelling that they were excited to buy the clothes worn by models. Likewise, the Fashion industry has grown over the years & teens played a major role in its growth. As we can see, all teens of our generation want to appear attractive & unique”.


How CP Bro & Classic Polo Supports Fashion & Environment


“In the 21st century, we are now organized & modernized. Teens look for both style & comfort in the clothes they choose. Classic polo & CP Bro apparels are designed in such a way that, both, style & comfort come in a single product”.

As a conscientious company, we know that protecting the environment is important. We uniquely manufacture the products by re-cycling plastic and using eco-friendly techniques such as utilizing used water for washing. The manufacturing unit does not waste water after it is used. Instead, we have a process by evaporating the used water, filtering the dirt out and purifying it. After purification, the water is used for trees and plants around the unit.

We do not stop here. We have a vision for Green Globe. For every product you purchase in Classic Polo or CP Bro INR 2 will go to the plantation of a tree. Yes! You read it right. Although we have recently publicized our intentions of going green, the idea has already been put to practice leading to the plantation of 8 Million trees. Our goal is to reach 10 Million trees before our 20th anniversary on Feb 14th 2020. 

Join us in this noble venture! Let’s take a step forward and care about our planet. We know that everyone is interested in volunteering for the cause and due to some reasons one couldn’t go out and take a step towards Green Globe. We have associated with Vetry Foundation to achieve this goal. The Vetry foundation has been concentrating its efforts on making the planet greener since 2013 by planting trees across Tamil Nadu. 

We will not stop there. We will keep renewing our effort every year with new techniques towards the environment and along with expanding our Family in Classic Polo & CP Bro.

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