How Indian festivals might be affected post lockdown

How Indian festivals might be affected post lockdown

With the number of festivals coming up in the second half of the year, we Indians have to put some extra effort into social distancing to ensure we fight against COVID-19. With nationwide three months lockdown nearing completion, we have entered another phase of COVID-19, which can be more critical and dangerous. As you can see the daily spike in cases on, we should know the importance of social distancing. COVID-19 is affecting humans so bad that no one knows who is affected until the person shows symptoms and test positive.

After witnessing the rise in the cases, we must agree this is the massive disruption in everyone’s life. The Indian culture is rich and filled by events and festivals in which every member of the family wants to celebrate together, but this time we cannot proceed with the collective celebration of life. Almost every religious festival is under watch now. 

COVID-19 is changing the way we used to celebrate weddings and festivals across the globe. But social distancing is the only way now, we can only triumph against COCID-19 if we act with courage and wisdom. Festival is important, but not when we are in the midst of a health crisis. We must follow some of the common practices to keep ourselves and every citizen safe.

Secure with Sanitizers

Wherever we step out now, we can see a sanitizer in the entrance, in every location. The festivals and other major events also should follow keeping sanitizers in the entrances. Because prevention is better than cure, and we certainly need precautions with this nature of the disease.

Festive masks

How Indian festivals might be affected post lockdown

Indian textile industries never disappoint us. This is a very rare situation one can innovate something special is about producing the festive mask because the trends move like that. It will be unusual if we wear normal masks, and we can witness the festive masks, very soon in the market.

Narrowing the count on Events & Festivals

The common solution for every problem is to narrow down on things. Here, we suggest narrowing the headcount in big festivals and events. Since the tradition and culture in India push to give importance to such events, people cannot skip the big events. The government has allowed celebrating with a limited number of people along with social distancing. 

How Indian festivals might be affected post lockdown

By this what we can predict is, the big stages and big ceremony places will witness emptiness during the celebrations. The big events, catering, and event management business might go into a huge loss. India is known for its local goddess festivals, and there will be huge gatherings during those festivals. 

One of the largest events ever known is “Kumbh Mela” which we can imagine how it might be affected post lockdown. So, there will be no more old-fashioned mass gatherings during festivals, and the social distancing will be in practice until the world finds the vaccine for COVID-19.

To fight the pandemic, one should be fine in both mental and physical health, and we recommend everyone to maintain social distancing and wear a mask when you go out. We will come up with steps to celebrate Indian festivals by social distancing in the upcoming blogs. Until then, keep up your health and stay safe.


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