How Indian Men Should Dress Up for Weddings

How Indian Men Should Dress Up for Weddings

One thing that unites us all is the fact that we love attending weddings. Be it your friends', cousins', people we have met on a few occasions, there’s nothing that stops us from showing off our true colours.

For some of us, picking the right attire can be a challenging task. It’s only because we have so many options to pick from. If this is what you need help to decide, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we have some easy tips on how to choose a wedding attire.

 Look Hip in Western Outfit

We all have our preferences, and if you wish to deviate from traditional Indian wear, you have a ton of options. Let’s start with the classic formal suit and tie.

How Indian Men Should Dress Up for Weddings

Now here’s the thing! No doubt that you will blaze the function in your formal attire. But the important thing is to have the right colour and design. If it’s a day-long function, light colours often make a mark. Ditch the dark colours and go for pastel shades of green, yellow, brown and blue. The simple reason being that these colours reflect light and make the fabric glow.

Fabric with prints and design should be your first choice. Why go for a plain suit when you have so many prints, thread work, knits to choose from.

If it’s a night function, feel free to opt for darker shades. You can don a blue, crimson, black blazer with matching tie and trousers, with a light-coloured undershirt. Again, you can make your own rules and create a mesmerising look.

Traditional Indian Wear

Oh! How we love our Indian Wear. From kurtas to churidars, salwar, kameez and sherwani; there are so many attires to choose from. And the best part, all of these provide the perfect traditional look that a wedding function demands.

If you want to keep it simple, there’s nothing better than a kurta. Pick a colour that will enhance your overall look. Often colours like yellow, brown and red are your best bet as most Indian Weddings have these colours as the theme. But you can always think about going to off-beat colours like blue, green, teal, purple and even pink. Pair it up with contrasting pyjamas or churidars.

Another wedding standard is the Sherwani. These are counterparts of kurta with a lot of zari work and embroidery. Sherwanis top the charts when it comes to the perfect Indian wedding attire. You can choose from a range of colours, prints, design and overall look. Also, don’t forget the dupatta if you want a perfect look.

Mix and Match

 How Indian Men Should Dress Up for Weddings

What if you could combine Indian and Western look and achieve the desired look? Of course, there are so many options. One of the most suitable choices is the kurta pyjama and Nehru jacket combination. It is nothing but a sleeveless jacket worn over kurtas.

If you are short of options, you can always wear a polo t-shirt and top it up with a suave looking blazer. Most men opt for this simple and elegant fusion wear. With the right jeans and footwear, this gives you a complete wedding look.

What is your favourite wedding function attire? Share your preferences with us in the comment section below.



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