How to be patriotic and support Be Local, BE Vocal

How to be patriotic and support Be Local, BE Vocal

Patriotism is beyond the flag lapels and social media stories. Being a patriotic means respecting your nation and respecting the feelings of others. It is the fate that we born in India and we have to respect our country heritage and culture. If you think being patriotic is limited to national issues then why do we react to states issues! Right? We live in a society where patriotism is confused and often end up behaving like a nationalist. There are certain factors to look upon where we all assume and react much.


Stop believing suddenly when the news flashes in social media. Yes, we have a common flaw in believing fake news. You feel you have to contribute to spreading it and you start sharing the news before knowing whether it's true or not! We should be aware of situations and facts. Let’s spread happiness and smile instead of fake news. The best way to avoid this situation is to keep a lid on your emotions after seeing the post or stories in social media. We can discuss and have debates all day long but that is of no use. It is hard to identify fake news from real ones. Watch it and keep it for yourself and avoid spreading viral content.

  1. Respect the nation

How to be patriotic and support Be Local, BE Vocal

Our nation remians intact when all of us unite without differentiating based on caste, creed, religion and culture. The Nation represent every culture in its territory whether you like it or not. So, our responsibility is to understand and respect each other's culture. You can feel the peace and unity when you do this and there will be no differentiation if we adapt. Having good intentions towards the country is not enough until everyone brings those good intensions to reality through actions.

  1. Difference between nationalist and patriotic

One has to understand the meaning between being a nationalist and patriotic. A true patriotic never hate other countries and their culture because of political views and history. Let’s understand this; every citizen of each country is leading their own life and each of us will be taunting on social media rather than understanding the situation. We all take note in the political view and become concerned. Yes, all the wars and chaos happen with the decisions taken by political leaders. Our responsibility is to bring peace on whichever level it is required. It might be a leader, soldier or citizens let’s bring peace.

  1. Be Indian Buy Indian

How to be patriotic and support Be Local, BE Vocal

Every patriot wants his country to be on the top. We all want to grow and similarly, every patriot wants to see his county grow at a global level. This can only be achieved by supporting local business and people ideas. That is why our beloved Prime minister urged us to “Be Local, Be Vocal”, which means use local products and services to make our country to be on top of the list. By adopting the concept of “Be Local, Be Vocal” and "Make in INDIA", it helps creates more job opportunities and make Indian citizens more skilled.

Spread the word to achieve the happiness and peace amongst us, when it comes to representing the country in whatever field.


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