How to choose the right pair of shoes for Men?

How to choose the right pair of shoes for Men?

Shoes are like the cherry on top of a cake; it gives a finishing touch to any outfit. So choosing the right pair is very important, as they can make your look complete or ruin it. Regarding choosing shoes, men have a lot of questions, like should I buy the next size? Can this shoe suit all occasions? What shoe type should I wear? Here, let us find all the answers, Jump in!

Once, women's shoes were only considered stylish, and times have changed. Now men's shoes have evolved, and there are several options of shoes and styles for men to wear for every occasion.

Things to consider

How to choose the right pair of shoes for Men?

Choosing the shoes is not a cakewalk, it should be comfortable enough, right fit, and you should see if it is perfect for the occasion you tend to use it for in the long run, and will it last long?

Firstly, before choosing, you should know your shoe size. It varies from brand to brand. Don't go for the one which is not the right fit for you. Fit is not only the right size, and after that, consider the comfort and the shoe setting. 

The shoe material should also be examined if it is sturdy and well built. The shoe sole comfort plays a huge part. If the material is durable and comfortable it solves the major problem in choosing shoes. These two should be the top priority, so if you are shelling out some extra cash, go for the most reliable brands.

Occasions and shoes

How to choose the right pair of shoes for Men?

Occasions matter a lot and people notice you a lot on occasions. If it is a formal event or meeting, dress shoes are the ones to go for. Make sure that your dress shoes are classy and comfortable. They should let your feet breathe. 

For sports, make sure you choose the best athletic shoes. They provide the best support for your feet, reducing the pain and potential injuries. Also, remember that not all athletic shoes are designed for a particular sport, remember to ask the salesperson when purchasing them.

If the weather is cold or if it is raining, wear shoes that can provide you with the best protection and anti-skid ones. The most suitable option is to wear boots, especially waterproof ones if you’re going to be wearing them in snow or icy paths. You might also consider more than one pair of socks to keep your feet warm.

Some Shoe options

Classic shoes:

Oxford shoes - These types of shoes are well suited for office wear, for business meetings. Pair them with suits and you are good to go.

Derby Shoes - Derby shoes are a more casual version of Oxford shoes with open laces. They can be worn at a corporate party or also at a wedding.

Casual shoes:

Boots and Loafers - Boots have multiple functionalities. You have boots for cold weather, hiking boots if you love adventures.

Loafers are the new modern-day go-to shoes. Loafers are slip-on shoes without laces, they are comfortable and fashionable and ideal to take to work or to go on a weekend trip or an outdoor event with your friends.

Other shoe options to consider for a laid-back look are Trainers, used mostly for sports and now it is extensively used for going out as they are practical and comfortable. Flip Flops are an option if you want your feet to be free. Use them for your walks on the beach.

We hope, this blog helps you in a way to choose the right pair of shoes for you. Pour out your thoughts in the comments.

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