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How to dress according to your body shape

How to dress according to your body shape

When it comes to looking dapper or smokingly hot, the first thing which comes to our mind is the attire in which we are. The outfits which you wear or the style which you carry are directly proportional to your body shape. But, most of us commit a mistake while choosing the appropriate outfits. Knowing how to dress for your body is an art form. Understanding the best aspects of your physique allows you to dress well and helps you determine what to wear, too. How often have you heard the fashion gurus talking about fitness and the accessories which cost an arm and leg but that doesn’t suit you. The key is to identify your body type and enhance it. Most of the men fall into these five categories:

The triangular gym body:

     You probably spend hours at the gym and undergo tiring sessions for getting broader shoulders and the muscle pump. This gives you an inverted triangle shape where the shoulders are broader than the waist. You should try wearing:

  • A tailored, earth-toned top that helps balance out the shoulders especially when paired out with slim-fitting pants or chinos.
  • While opting for suits try wearing a tailored suit that flatters your body shape and you will find it worth training hard at the gym.
  • Wear v neck t-shirt which will make you look sexy.
    How to dress according to your body shape


     Football players, basketball players, and athletes are a good example of this. They have a balanced shoulder type and waist size. It’s easier for them to fit into any clothes comparatively others. If you have a well-balanced shoulder and waist size, you’re lucky enough to experiment with all kinds of outfits and look attractive in them as well. The outfits which will enhance your body shape are:-

  • Well-fitted jackets, t-shirts, hoodies.
  • Tailored trousers.
  • A button-down shirt and fine gauge crew neck jumper.
  • Wear bright colors that will expand the dimensions of your slim frame.

Block body:

    Block man has a rectangle-shaped body. Where there is no difference between his shoulder’s size and his waist size. Usually, it’s a little difficult to find outfits that suit them. Yet, not impossible. People with the rectangle-shaped body can try wearing out:-

  • Fitted waistcoats with solid trousers
  • Structured blazers and suit jackets that add size to your shoulders.
  • Wear jumpers and crew neck tees with color panels across the chest.
    How to dress according to your body shape

The good eater:

   Good eater has exactly the opposite shape of gym freak i.e., they have the actual triangular shape in which their waist size is longer than of their shoulder size. His chest and shoulders are narrower than his waist and hips, making his lower half appear larger than the upper. The good eater should wear outfits that don’t focus on their stomach and should avoid wearing bright colors. Try wearing dark colors like black, navy blue. Try out these clothes:-

  • Steer clear polo necks and narrow crew necks as they will emphasize your shoulders.
  • Wear trousers with a straighter leg.
  • Wear single-breasted suits, as double-breasted suits will add bulk to your waist.

Teddy bear body:

     As the name suggests they are cuddly teddybear, they have an oval shape. To make your body more defined, you must add shape to your shoulders and wear clothing that appears to lengthen your torso. Vertical stripes and pin strips will instantly lengthen your body, but horizontal stripes will make you look plumper. You should try wearing outfits which don’t add your weight like:-

  • Wear suspenders, they are your best friends. Suspenders make you visually slim.
  • Tailored shirts will make your shoulders look wide and broad.
  • Wear dark, single-breasted shirts.
  • Try to wear bow tees instead of a tie that drapes over the bulge over your stomach.


After reading this article, you might have got to know your body shape and the outfits that fit your body shape. Try these outfits and make everyone jealous of your flattering looks. Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is someone that you will have in you all the time. Be a gentleman in and out as the outfits or style which you carry will be out of fashion in one month or two. But, “a true gentleman never goes out of fashion” is what's important. Try to attract others through your personality than beauty, as beauty will fade one day or the other, whereas your personality will remain eternal!

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