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How to dress for Job Interview

How to dress for Job Interview

Job Interview! Sounds scary right? You might feel low on confidence level & continuously procrastinating over what could happen in the interview, even though you are completely knowledgeable, clean shaved with a nice hair cut & no funky styles like piercing ear for an interview. The first step to overcome the fear factor is to dress right. Whatever might be the company, profile or designation one should be dressed up in such a way that interviewer gets impressed when they see a candidate. Because the first impression is the best impression.

           If you are dressed rightly you have already made an impact on the interviewer, one should not compromise with mannerism & attitude because a right dressing sense represents both. Only the right dress reflects your confidence & right approach towards the interviewer. Read the complete article, at the end of the blog you will learn what one should consider while selecting the interview dress.

How to dress for Job Interview

Formal Shirt for the Interview

Hope all the guys are aware of basics on selecting the interview dress. Hold on, the basics are not enough for the perfect attire. You might be wondering what might be the perfect attire other than basics! Right? Only formal shirt is not enough on selecting the right attire. Even for the business meets or casual meets the formal shirts with checks design disturbs the viewer's eyes. The interviewer would be taking interviews from a long time and even he/she gets distracted when a candidate is seen with the striped formals shirts, checks formal shirts or fashioned T-shirts. So, choose formal shirts which are plain in design & white in colour. It is the one which is mainly preferred for an interview or always go with the light-coloured formal shirts.

How to dress for Job Interview

Formal Shoes for the interview

           After the shirt, you might be thinking of pants! No, you are wrong. One should be worried about shoes after the formal shirts. Why Shoes? Always remember the person you are meeting for the first time will always notice your shoes & shirts. In the majority of the cases, the interviewer can only see your shirt & Shoes while taking an interview. Consider black/brown shoes with a sharp point will be a better choice to go for an interview.

Formal Pant for the interview

           After all, the consideration of formal shirt & shoes do not forget about the decent plain pant which is dark-coloured because it will suit the light-coloured shirts and gives an appealing look for you. As said dark-coloured pants, the colours combination will be black, coffee brown & brown colour.

Formal Tie for the interview

           Although you are good at every dressing sense don’t forget to add a tie if you are mainly going for an MNC company, even for any other company. The tie is as important as a pickle in the south Indian meals. You might enjoy the meals but it feels incomplete without a pickle. It adds extra value to the meals, the same way in the interviews, tie adds extra value for your look in the interview. Never miss to consider the tie, it is an important asset for an interview.

              After all the conclusion. There are some people who crack the main interview just like that, without formal attire. Because every industry is different & this blog is about common interviews which are happening around. If anyone who reads this blog & want to share their own experience of clearing the interview without proper attire and unique way of dressing, do share in the comment section. Because everyone here is a learner, which may help someone to make their interview better.

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