How to Identify High-Quality T-shirts before you make a Purchase

How to Identify High-Quality T-shirts before you make a Purchase

There will be at least two to three t-shirts that are an all-time favourite in your wardrobe where you are not tired of wearing them on all occasions. We expect our favourite T-shirts to last forever, but it is man-made clothes, and you cannot expect a t-shirt to stay with you forever. There are some techniques and ways to find out the impressive materials for your handsome personality, where the t-shirts would stay longer with you. We are here to discuss the ways to find out a quality material T-shirt at the time of your shopping.

Before we start with the actual tips, here is the list of basic information one must know about the materials used in manufacturing the T-shirt. There are a lot of materials and methods to manufacture T-shirts for our Indian market, but you should consider the following materials while shopping for the t-shirt to make sure that you select the right material.

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Linen
  • Tri-Blends
  • Polo-cotton Blend

Consider Fabrics

 How to Identify High-Quality T-shirts before you make a Purchase

The above five mentioned fabrics are the safest choice you can make while purchasing T-shirts. So, not only you should finalize the purchase considering the fabrics. There is another important factor you should take notice of is the density and softness of the material. The good quality comes with the right density and softness, not just it’s thickness and weight of the material. To know the product's right density, you must look into the transparency of the t-shirt, and if it is transparent, then it not the right product and you must touch the product and should be able to find the right feel of the fabrics. Cotton is the best fabric you can go with because it is a natural and breathable material and keeps you comfortable in any season.


 How to Identify High-Quality T-shirts before you make a Purchase

The stitching is the other important factor you must consider while shopping for T-shirts. When you get a chance to go for trials, make the t-shirt inside out and see whether it has a lot of spilled threads or just the right stitches. Even though you find the right quality, it doesn’t mean you will have the proper stitches. If you find out too many spilled threads, that means that the product will not be the same after several washes. The stitches are going to peel out if you find out the loosened threads. So, make sure you consider the proper stitching threads which can hold the T-shirt design for too long otherwise, you’ll end up wearing tees for three or four occasions and blame the poor build quality of the product.

Nowadays, youths have been so enthusiastic and energetic when it comes to shopping, and we know so many of you made basic mistakes and corrected yourself. We welcome you to mention those mistakes and the solution you found yourself in the comment section below.


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