How to look stylish and yet comfortable in Loungewear?

How to look stylish and yet comfortable in Loungewear?

Loungewear has become the normal attire for working from home in this pandemic. It has been at the forefront. We all attend meetings and work in this attire. Looks like this trend is not going to stop anytime soon. Do you want to look stylish in Loungewear and yet comfortable? This article is more beneficial for the people who always find comfort in fashion. You must have seen people wearing comfortable clothes that we wear at home outdoors too. From your neighbor to your favorite celebrity almost everyone has approved this trend. Why not you follow this trend which gives you the freedom to step out of your home in bedroom outfits? Since we all are spending more time in indoors, we cannot just wear any kind of loungewear and look boring. As the clothes which wear decides our mood. You can glam up your outfit by using these tips and look stylish even at home.

How to look stylish and yet comfortable in Loungewear?


Sweatshirt and Jogger pant combo:

 A simple crew neck sweatshirt can keep you toasty warm for the days when you don’t want to leave a hoodie at home. This is a great combo that keeps you warm and comfortable. It can easily be worn outside to run a quick errand or as comfortable for an airport outfit. Try these outfits with small details:

  • Pair it with black or white sneakers.
  • Pair a simple black sweatshirt with jogger pants and throw a coat or bomber jacket to ace your Loungewear style.

Cool and comfortable T-shirts:

Every modern Loungewear wardrobe starts with T-shirt. That’s the key to ace the Loungewear look outside the home. Again, it’s comfort! As loungewear, you aren’t going to be worried about tuck in. Pick shirts with nice cut and color, designed for outside appearances too. 

  • Pair a simple short and long-sleeved tee crafted from comfortable quality fabrics.
  • Pair a crew neck tee with black jogger pants.

Cool Pajamas:

Pajamas are meant to be a quirky portrayal of personal style. The main difference will be that they’ll be a little thinner material and not so warm as the other combo. So, if you run warmer or want a warmer weather combo, this is for you.

  • Wear the same color and pattern of the pajama with collared PJ shirts.
  • Consider wearing primary red, nave blue, white or dark green to look like the king of your castle.
    How to look stylish and yet comfortable in Loungewear?

Sweatpants that flatter:

Almost everyone owns sweatpants these days. However, selecting the right sweatpants is the key. Striking the right Loungewear pants is essential to strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. Mix and match the color of your tee and the sweatpants carefully. Look for premium materials such as cashmere, wool, and silk.

  • The relaxed fit around the waist and slim-cut around the leg make them perfect to wear out as well.
  • Pair a contrast color sweatpants with the tee.

High Fashion Hoodies:

When you need a layer up with lightweight clothing, a hoodie comes to the rescue. With so many hoodies available which one do you choose? Remember you want your Loungewear look to stay simple. Look for a plain hoodie that stays simple and functional.

  • Pair a plain hoodie with a sweatpants
  • Pair jogger pants with a hoodie to ace your look.


If you’re most of a T-shirt and shorts guy then, you must try these styles to look stylish even in shorts. It should ideally hit 1-4 inches above the knee. Shorts work out when you’re lounging out with friends, walking around town in the daytime, or going to a movie.

  • Wear shorts that are slightly wider. opt for straight-legged shorts. They will improve your silhouette and minimize the focus on your waist.
  • Never wear shorts below your knee. Longer the shorts, your legs will look shorter and your stomach bigger.
    How to look stylish and yet comfortable in Loungewear?


Mastering simplicity is the key to a modern Loungewear look. A perfectly styled outfit is not about flashiness and crazy patterns. It’s about combining a few simple yet well-structured pieces. Always make sure to keep your style simple yet classy. “Beauty of style and harmony, grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity”. Being simple doesn’t mean to think in the same way, rather it means to be unique. Everything should be made as simple as possible but, not simpler. Simplicity is the exact medium between too little and too much. Hence, try out these styles and look stylish in your comfy outfits. Remember your style depends on the color you choose to wear. Be cautious while choosing the color.

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