How to rock a pink shirt?

How to rock a pink shirt?

A pink shirt is something which most of us don’t have in our wardrobe, but we should consider adding it. It might sound daunting to wear pink, but it can work wonders if paired well. While the idea that the pink color is only for women is outdated. It’s time for you to get rid of outdated minds and move into the 21st century. A gentleman doesn’t hesitate to carry pink as wearing pink shows that you are confident and calm. It makes your work easier to charm ladies by your looks. Most of us have the misconception that “Wearing pink is effeminate” Color has no limits, it’s all about how you style it. The key to make pink work for you is wearing the right pink shade. Picking the wrong shade can work against your look. so, you should be a little cautious while carrying a pink outfit. If you don’t own a pink shirt already, it’s high time! Few colors work well with pink and feel free to try those outfits. Different shades of pink compliments different skin tones. You’ll not only get the ways to style a pink shirt, but also will know which pink shade is right for you. Stick till the end and look rocking in a pink shirt.

The right pink for your skin tone:

The key to looking fabulous in pink is to ensure that you wear the right tone. Picking out the wrong shade can wash out your skin tone, and can work against your complexion. So, you should make sure that you wear the right shade which suits your complexion.

  • Pale skin – a stronger, deeper tone works the best.
  • Dark skin – pastel pink, compliments the skin tone.
  • Wheatish (Indian complexion) – light pink, works the best.

How to rock a pink shirt?

Workaholic look (Pink shirt + Formal pants):

The easiest yet classiest way to wear a pink shirt is to pair it with formal pants. Pink is surprisingly versatile and can work well with many colors. All you have to do is find out a perfectly pink shade and wait for the magic to happen. You can carry this look without giving a second thought about it.

  • Pair a pink shirt with grey formal trousers, oxford shoes, dress watch. If you’re thinking about a tie then, that depends on the shade you have chosen.
  • Pair a pink shirt with navy blue formal trousers, derby shoes, a dress watch, navy blue tie. Try this look and wait for the compliments to pour in.

How to rock a pink shirt?

Tailored look (Pink shirt + Blazer):

Whether you’re heading to any board meetings, formal events, cocktail events, etc… This is the perfect outfit which you can wear without giving it a second thought. Throwing off a blazer over a pink shirt works wonders to your look that you could have not even imagined. As we always say make sure that the fit is right.

  • Pair a pink shirt with a grey suit, grey formal pants, oxford shoes, dress watch. It’s a classic combination, worth trying it.
  • Try partnering a pink shirt with a navy suit and navy dress trousers, dress watch. Add derby shoes to this look for a perfect finish.

Casual and preppy look (Pink shirt + Jeans):

This look is always in demand. You can rock this look easily. All you have to do is wear nice-fitting jeans either in slim-fit or skinny jeans. Both look fabulous when paired with a pink shirt. You can even go wild with your look by wearing ripped shoes. Make sure that you wear the right shoes for this style.

  • Pair a pink shirt with black skinny jeans, white sneakers, casual watch. Untuck the shirt for a cool and edgy look.
  • Consider pairing a pink shirt with black ripped jeans, dress boots, casual watch. You’re all set to impress others with this look.

Edgy and Cool look (Pink shirt + Shorts):

The casual shirt is perfect in pink. If you’re looking for a perfect shirt to wear in summer, consider this look. We can assure you that you’ll not regret wearing it. Feel free to choose any shades of pink. Make sure that your shorts are above your knees.

  • Consider pairing a pink shirt with chinos shorts, loafers, stainless steel watch.
  • Try partnering a pink shirt with khaki shorts, loafers, casual watch, and wait for the compliments to pour in.

How to rock a pink shirt?

There are a lot of ways to style a pink shirt. Go wild with your imagination and find out the style which fits you. Choose a shade of pink that suits the rest of your outfit and complements your skin tone. Wearing a pink shirt gives others an opinion that you are confident and fashion-forward. Who doesn’t like to look confident? No one right? Don’t let the colors define your look. you can slay in any color if the basics are right. Stay positive and don’t let the negative comments affect you in either way. Experiment with all the shades of pink and figure out your shade.

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