How To Stay Fit Without Going to a Gym

How To Stay Fit Without Going to a Gym


If you are a fitness freak, you probably hate the lockdown. With gyms remaining shut even after Unlock 1.0, you must be waiting to get that all-satisfying body workout. While fitness centers get the nod to reopen, we have some great alternatives to keep your body and mind fit. If you are already fit, then simple workouts can keep you in shape, and people who want to achieve their fitness goals can do that in the comfort of their homes.

Surely, we got some extra time taken out of your daily schedule. We need to use the time spent in grooming and commuting towards our fitness and being healthy. How to do and when to do is the biggest question for us, right?

Starting Early

Let's start with the basics. Getting up early in the morning still remains a barrier towards getting fit for most people. Surprisingly, it is an obstacle that you can overcome. Imagine how excited you are for a vacation. You wake up right on time, ready to take on the world, for a 4 a.m flight. What's the difference between waking up irritated on a normal day, but excited for a morning flight for a holiday?

You have to be motivated every single day. Build a daily habit of getting early. Even if wake-up later than the appointed hour, that's ok. Allow your body clock to adjust over time.

To achieve it, you should think that if you postpone one day in the plan of waking up early and doing workouts, your dream of having a lean and fit body also postpones to next 30 days. Let’s find out alternatives to stay fit without going to the gym.

Walking, Running and Yoga

 How To Stay Fit Without Going to a Gym

What’s not to like about an early morning walk or jog in the park? Benefits of a morning walk are numerous. It makes you internally calm, activates your internal organs and keeps an optimum blood pressure. Research has shown people who take brisk walk had less fat and lowered risk of developing a blood clot. Running is great cardio and keeps the entire body in shape. Just half an hour of daily walk or run can ring about a pleasant change in your fitness. Along with it, meditate when you rest or take a break. You can practice yoga and meditation if you cannot step out of the house because of cold weather or rain. Give your body and mind the care it deserves.


 How To Stay Fit Without Going to a Gym

We all loved the cycle from our childhood. Growing up, getting a cycle was a dream. Somewhere, we lost touch with our inner child. But this can be a great way to be nostalgic and healthy at the same time. Having a cycle benefits your body and nature around you. It is one of the most eco-friendly exercise machines that you will ever find. Even in our day-to-day lives, you can use cycles for short distance rather than using motorbikes or cars. Cycles will keep your calories in check and remain easy on the wallet with all the fuel it saves. Start with a few kilometres every day.  You will have improved mobility, flexibility, strong bones, increased cardiovascular fitness. Cycling also reduces anxiety and depression, keeping you healthy, wealthy and mentally strong.


Let us also know your post lockdown plans towards fitness. Mention your workout plans in the comment section below.


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